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Re: gorge spasm - again...

PostPosted: August 12th, 2015, 10:20 pm
by German2
3 weeks after hospital: my arms got weaker....or I have the feeling that it is so. My therapist got a bit worried, because now my muscle tone in my lower arms got low. So that she can explain my weakness feelings. My chest is so tight meanwhile that I even got kind of cramps in my neck. I have pain in ellbows (tendons) and cannot put pressure on it.

I have sligt twitching. The ones around my mouth worry me....Especially because I got those throat spasms. But those went away after I started a treatment with olibanum (Boswellia Serrata) - a plant. This works normally against inflamation. But sometimes I wake up because swallowing got tough.

I really feel that there is something nasty approaching. That is all far from normal. Acutally I am going to a chiropractic and last hope.

On the one hand I say to myself that this would have shown up in the EMG, on the other that really true...?

Re: gorge spasm - again...

PostPosted: August 16th, 2015, 10:36 am
by German2
Ok,I continue my story...though I do not receive any comments. I think nobody has an answer for my weired symptoms at all.... :cry:

I have something new!!! 4 weeks ago I thougt to have again a herpes zoster infection at my right breast (the second one). Now I have the confirmation: A herpes Zoster Neuralgie started today and it hurts to feel my arm on the skin there....Things I really do not need....!!!

And the "old" story continues:
My therapist she confirmed my weak feelings of arms, telling me that now my muscle tone is very low in that place (very high tone period of my back and legts got better a bit after taking this olibanum...). Now I try to find out the reason for the low tone in my lower arms: it could be medicamentous, (I now skipped taking Xanax to find out), it could be due to electrolyte deviation (I stopped taking Kalium, which I tried for a while against twitching)...But on the other hand, I have lots of pain in my lower it must be another process going on...Ok, I take a lot of supplements. Some work very fine and I have some improvements in energy (though actually every stair is a problem). And of course there is MND as a further option. I think about this, especially if I have that back twitching, or that neck cramp some days ago....But then I try to think about that clean EMG several weeks ago (in one arm and one leg)...I am actually wearing a brace around the ellbow area for the joint hurt so much (I think it is due to the powerless muscle). Thank god no further gorge spasm (it stopped when starting olibanum). But I have vibrations around my mouth sometimes. Like a wing beat of a butterfly...

As I checked my values of immunology testing, I saw that some blood values were not ok...(complementary system and C3 were low) in combination with that herpes zoster thing...I hope it all derives from my immune system....Of course I have anxiety...but I somehow arranged with living in fear on a very low level of life quality. This is absolutely no good option. And I try to work on it with some mental training. But life with kids has to proceed...

Any comment is welcome....

Re: gorge spasm - again...

PostPosted: August 16th, 2015, 12:17 pm
by leroyb
Don't go to a chiropractor. It's a waste of your time and money.

Re: gorge spasm - again...

PostPosted: August 16th, 2015, 1:25 pm
by German2
Thank you leroyb, you are the first who is answering my posts since a longer while..

Re: gorge spasm - again...

PostPosted: August 18th, 2015, 11:22 am
by German2
..ok, how will my story proceed. I woke up in the night, because I could not swallow a certain times, and I woke up because I could hardly raise my arm to scratch me in the face..Get cramps in my lower back... My hands get stiff especially in the evenings. .I always hope that my next treatment will help. (I've got a clean a clean a clean EMG..).

Re: gorge spasm - again...

PostPosted: August 19th, 2015, 9:27 am
by Yuliasir

sometimes it happens to all of us - a 'skipped' swallow, often on the transition from wake to sleep and vice versa. Many of us get our hands 'fall asleep' and could not move it due to hypnagogic paralysis (which is normal to have in a sleep but we have disrupted sleeping sequence and could be awaken whiile still being paralysed).

I remember you wrote here you lost your voice and it appeared to be a pharingitis.
With the fact that extensive recent exam, including EMG, did not found any significant neurodegeneration signs (whihc should be evident after more that 6 months of what you interprete as high muscle tonus, for example), I believe you are tormenting yourself with misinterpretation of your own body function and your therapist words :( It is so sad that you are going through that. It is always a lonely journey...

Re: gorge spasm - again...

PostPosted: August 19th, 2015, 11:43 am
by German2
Yes, that is true...a very lonely journey...The thing with my hands is, that they are really stiff and sometimes the interossei muscles hurt very much. My arms really got very thin and hurt,..I can't do anything with the arms. The smallest weight on my ellbows cause much pain in lower arms afterwards.And my back is so stiff that I hardly can't move my shoulders back and forth..If I do it is cracking like hell. So my husband becomes nausea every time he hears how I can crack my back muscles just when is so weired..The pain in lower arms started already in April...then they started to get thinner and weak with stiff fingers...

Re: gorge spasm - again...

PostPosted: August 23rd, 2015, 4:29 pm
by German2
I still try to keep pace with my dad has fallen completely into demons within weeks and has had a serious drop, was in hosptital (I am the only relative), my cousin died lately from lung fibrosis (my father has it too...) and simply stifled in quite a young age...So I have to go to funeral tomorrow...Lung fibrosis seems to be a family thing. Also not a good perspective..

My arms are weak..When I showed to my husband, he agreed first time..."ok, the size of your arms does not have changed much but there is really no muscle there". OK, that is what I know by myself...this is not a thing I just is a thing which I can feel, all the time when using my hands..Yesterday night in bed my whole body went completely stiff (like an attack)...and after all, I had massive colon spasm, and then in the upper stomach...very painful. My night was a Nightmare...Don't know if this has connection to my weak arms...maybe it is another strange process...don't know. I do have hashimoto and this makes a lot of weired symptoms, too... I took a medication.
I summarize:
- twitches (not much, but shoulders, back, mouth and feet are main parts)
- hands getting stiff
-kind of whole body cramps/stiffness/high muscle tone (no spasm)
- muscles loss and weakness in lower arms.../ weakness comes mostly in the evenings, not all the time present
- swallowing problems went away with olibanum (this does not fit MND pattern)
- rising problems to speak clear (no slurring, just probs to speak the right words)
- completely stiff shoulders, cracking very much when moving back and forth
-forgetting about almost everything...
- strange feeling in right foot (hard to describe - it is something between numbness and incorrect coordination, but the periond where I bumped my feet against the furniture is over)

I do still have some little hope left that I end up with something treatable.....But...yes, I am still on a lonely journey.