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6 years now since I joined and twitched and!

PostPosted: June 5th, 2015, 2:43 pm
by tripper76
I just wanted too say hello ...its been 6 years now since I was introduced to the worst health anxiety scare I've ever known which is this BFS ...there has not been a day go by not one ...that I have not had hundreds most of the time thousands of twitches ...random and EVERYWHERE ...yes even my tongue at times ....right now I've had a hotspot twitch in my right shoulder today is day 10 of it they usually subside and skip around to other body parts but this one has been going for 10 days in the same spot ... The hotspots always Ramp up my anxiety a little ...but I've had em before ... Anyways ...for the folks just starting out that have convinced themselves they have mere days or weeks to live. ..if you have had a clean EMG/NCV and your neurologists have told you not too worry. .. Do not worry ....they are right just have BFS .....yes it sucks . ..