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Postby wookiette on June 5th, 2015, 2:21 am

I'm actually pregnant from 6 monts, so very tired and emotiolly disturbed, so i need some reassurance ...

I had some twitches (hot spot, rapid ones, isolated or not, everywhere) for two years, so i can manage with them and imagine that in two years they are benign..

The problem is that since the beginning of may, i noticed a few cramps in the feet (beginning in the intern side and making two fingers (the big one et the "index of the foot)going far away one for the other -i'm french i'm not sure it is clear :-) -).
I had this sensation the evening when going bed, or in the day when sitting or when i etire myself just before going out of the bed the morning. it latst about 10 or 20 seconds, and i had it not so often (one or two a days during three or four days in may and one a week ago, then one last evning and one this morning).

I know pregnancy is a situation you can get cramps this way, and i had a difficult week (lot of work and few hours of slleeping). Have you experienced this too ? I did the mistake going in google and it made me read it can be a symptom of what you know ...

Thanks for your responses.

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