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Neuro visit

Postby Bibi on May 19th, 2015, 12:14 pm

Today i saw The *** specialist. I told her about my worries about bulbar Als and she Read in her papers what The last neuro had wrote about my anxiety and he had wrote that my tounge Was uneasy ( dont know how to say it in english ) she did a full clinical and told me that there is no weakness and no atrophy . My reflexes is brisk , but symmetrical and that is important she Said.
She send me for lot of bloodtests and Will send me for MR scanning too. She dont Think it is Als but maybee some systemic ilness . I am going back too her 2/6 too get The resultat off The bloodtests . She also want me to get off Mirtazapin because off its sideeffect : dry mouth. And she wants me to work on my anxiety and have some medication for that .

I feel quite relieved , but there is still The nagging fear off bulbar , because of The symptomes and because she also saw that my tounge is " uneasy " ( not calm )
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Re: Neuro visit

Postby leaflea on May 21st, 2015, 8:34 am

Hi Bibi,

Good news! This is the visit you so anticipated. It has come and gone and really, nothing has changed in all those agonizing months.

I don't know what to say about the tongue except it is a muscle. I have other muscles that would be seen that way such as the scapula which in turn causes my hands to tremor as a final result, or my thenar which is so touchy and start twitching with no warning, or the bicep which I awoke to trembling this morning. I would bet my house you do not have bulbar! I know someone who had it and they could not really speak after six months and were dead by the length of time you have had these issues.

Have you not had blood tests done yet? It took over a year before I got all the tests I thought I needed to my satisfaction (actually, I still have a few questions on those. Sometimes the results bring more questions than answers:-) I hate knowing my blood or flesh is sitting in a lab at anytime being analyzed. Carry on as you have all these months for these two weeks and then share your results if you like.

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Re: Neuro visit



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