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Going mad...

PostPosted: May 12th, 2015, 3:56 pm
by hpc
My head! The twitching on the right side, just above my ear (but migrating all around and all over right side of face) it's not letting up. This has been on the go sine the start of Feb.

I know it's a hotspot and I know it will eventually pass ...but cripes I'm going spare!!! It's seriously impacting my work and life. I had to make up an excuse to leave a meeting today it was bothering me so much. As I type it's fluttering away, jumping maybe every 2-3 seconds. My right eye, cheek bone area and chin/lip join in all the time too.

Has anyone had this before? I've twitched all over since 2003 (with years of remission from two pregnancies). I know the twitching is nothing sinister ...but my head? It's got me sprialling. Could tension in my neck possibly cause this (I sit at a computer all day and my right arm stretched over mouse aggrevates me...v tight back and neck)?? I had tried to blame it on my sinuses but that was back in Feb/March and here we are in May.

I've cut out gluten entirely to see if that does anything...

Thanks for listening.

Re: Going mad...

PostPosted: May 12th, 2015, 6:49 pm
by Little Lost
Quick reply because I didn't want you to feel alone with this one........because I get it too.

Last time was at Xmas for about 5 weeks nonstop. Mine is usually just behind my left ear ( but up a bit), a small patch just vibrating away. In this location mine is always a really fast twitching, rapid fire not the slow meandering type ( think squirrel on caffeine, not sloth on sleeping tablets kind of twitch). Nothing really gets rid of it , only time, rubbing it does nothing except make people think I have got nits, and gives me mad hair.

Good luck I hope it eases for you soon, oh and best to avoid any stories about doctors discovering three-inch insects ALIVE inside patients heads you know those kind of headlines ( sorry that was a joke).


ps Sometimes a slight ear infection can give you strange head sensations. It may be worth ruling out.