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Re: Update from a future Family Doc with BFS

PostPosted: April 24th, 2015, 2:17 pm
by garym
futureGP1983 wrote: I'm happy to provide my own experience and perspective (and obviously have this as a post in the support group for people to read), but I do have to be a bit cautious about giving out 'medical advice' on a public platform (again, that whole 'medico-legal' thing I referred too in the previous post still unfortunately applies to me as well). Please, see and make decisions together with your own medical professional that are best suited for your own care :)

None of us here dispense medical advice on this forum....we just share our opinions and experiences. Thanks for sharing your opinions/experiences!

Take care,

Re: Update from a future Family Doc with BFS

PostPosted: April 24th, 2015, 3:01 pm
by futureGP1983
Ghayes420 wrote:Too late futureGP, I already spoke with your malpractice insurance carrier and due to your posting your premiums just increased 23% in the first year. :)

Haha, god, that wouldn't surprise me at all if they actually would, lol :roll:

Re: Update from a future Family Doc with BFS

PostPosted: April 24th, 2015, 5:41 pm
by Squidge
Hi FF Doc

Just had to log in to applaud you for such a wonderful, reassuring post.

I've had BFS for almost ten months now and have gone through all the anxieties and feelings of impending doom that most others on this board no doubt have suffered at one stage or another. Initially, i started with twitching in my calves, which spread to thighs, buttocks and other odd places. My twitches have never gone away but I have good and bad days now. On good days I only feel them when I'm resting and they tend to improve when moving. On bad days I start to feel that my symptoms are getting worse and I then search for reassurance but often find more things to worry me. However, your post has helped me so much today (a bad day for me with regards to my symptoms) and instantly my twitching eased and my mind calmed. The mind/body connection is so clearly a big issue with regards to BFS

Thank you many times over for making my day

I'm sure you will be a great GP. Incidentally, a close relative of mine is a GP in Fonthill, Ontario

Best wishes

Re: Update from a future Family Doc with BFS

PostPosted: June 4th, 2015, 12:22 am
by Nytviolet
Thank you for an insider's perspective. I am now approaching 19 years since my fasciculations and limb fatigue began. I have also obsessed over a thinner left calf and "weakness" in my left arm and leg...I have never had an EMG and do not intend to get one. I'll tell you what I DO have: fibromyalgia, EBV, SFN (due to glucose intolerance of which I was unaware until recently) and severe anxiety disorder (prayer and benzos). I went through a dreadful anxiety relapse last year and begged for an EMG but my doctors saw no reason to refer me. I also have C5-6 stenosis / foraminal narrowing blah blah blah.

I guess my point is that if you have burning, tingling, numbness be sure to speak with your doc about small fiber neuropathy (which is manageable). This August makes 19 years of twitching -- perhaps I'll buy myself something nice. Best :)