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Question about fasciculations in hand

PostPosted: April 23rd, 2015, 4:46 pm
by Neville86
Hey all,

Long time no talk. So, I'm back with a few symptoms that have me worried.

Ok, so as you may remember I have a constant tongue twitch on one side of my tongue for 9.5 months. I went to a neuromuscular doc at 6 months and she performed an EMG of my tongue (through chin) in office and told me all looked good and that I didn't have to come back. So, all is well for a few weeks, until one day while riding the bus, I start tapping a rather complex rhythm on my pant leg with my right index and middle finger. It's an old drum line I used to play--one and a two and a three and a four eee and a--and I notice my middle finger doesn't make the contact with my leg the way I expect it to. I repeat the experiment, this time with index and middle finger on right and left hand and discover there's more of a "force of impact" with my left hand, ironically (non dominant hand). Needless to say, I went into a self testing spiral and began researching this heavily. Through self testing I learned that besides the lack of "impact force" of the right middle finger, the dominant fingers outperforms the left in every other category: they are quicker, as dexterous, etc. I asked people I knew and searched the internet, and apparently the dominant hand doesn't get as much "height" because of it's more intricate tasks--holding a pencil etc, and so I calmed down a bit. But, because of all the self testing, my old friend the middle finger twitch (back of hand, moves middle finger side to side) came back and lasted for a few days as well. Then this went away. Two months later (about a month and a half ago) I was grading papers all day, and the middle finger twitch returns. I notice when it's going--2-3 seconds--my finger becomes sort of useless. I can move it and everything, sure, but things like typing become an issue because the little *beep* is squirming (is this normal?). So, for whatever reason, I again become obsessed with my right hand and tensing it and spreading the fingers and lo and behold I discover I can produce twitching in the back of my hand in the 3rd (between middle and ring) and 4th (ring and pinky) interrosei (sp?) muscles of the hand. What has me scared is that it 1) only happens when I contract the fingers fully and stops when I relax them 2) the way it looks: the two muscles almost oscillate back and forth if that makes sense, like someone peddling a bicycle, 3rd pops, 4th pops, 3rd pop pop pops, 4th pop pops 3) I can feel it most of the time and it feels like a crawling sensation when it happens. It's making me crazy. Any words? Any help?

Re: Question about fasciculations in hand

PostPosted: April 23rd, 2015, 7:39 pm
by Ghayes420
Nice long descriptive posting. The only thing I can offer is that myself and many others have similar symptoms.

I get twitching more in my non dominant hand. I get numbness in my thumb. I get crawling style twitching in the muscles between my fingers and of course my thumb pads. And I also have had my middle finger move rhymicaly back and forth. I am 3.5 years into this and the symptoms not only morph, but continue to amaze me.

Hopefully others will chime in and relate but just fair warning, since you last posted the webmaster here has not been keeping up and there have been no new memebers approved so your replies might be limited to old timers like me.