9 month update/anxiety

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9 month update/anxiety

Postby HonkeyKong on April 14th, 2015, 11:55 am

I'm 32, and it's been 9 months after my twitching began and it's worse than ever. I twitch in both feet (right 24/7), shoulders, left eye, thighs, forearms, and my left hand webbing between the thumb and index finger.

My first emg was of my left arm 2 months in, second was a month later on the whole right side. I had a 3rd emg last month and it was on my entire right side and back. All clean... clinicals clean... reflexes 2+ and 3 ....

I've taken gabapentin, anti-anxiety meds ...etc. and no matter what i do, the twitches won't go away.

I also feel like I'm weaker... think i look weaker, but none of it is considered clinical as i was 5/5 strenth on all of my tests.

I know I'm the 10020348590th person to ask, but at 9 months, if i had something serious like ***, wouldn't it have shown on my EMG?

My neuro is a mnd specialist at PENN State Hershey, and i trust her, i just can't get it through my thick skull that the stuff going on with my body is benign. I mean my feet fire off every 2 seconds on the arches and the bottom of my foot.... I usually make sure i wear socks all the time so i'm not tempted to look down.

It's just so tough for me when the twitching doesn't stop or improve...

9 months without obvious clinical weakness and clean emgs should mean im out of the *** woods right?

I hate ranting on here so i apologize... sometimes it just feels better to write it all down.
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9 month update/anxiety



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