Swallowing and Sinus Questions

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Swallowing and Sinus Questions

Postby d4twitch on February 22nd, 2015, 6:19 pm

- Since mid October I started having this tickle in my throat near constantly and it has begun getting much worse. Clearing it only resolves the issue for 5-10 seconds at best. It is heavily influenced by eating or drinking anything. If I eat, it feels like it takes extra effort to get food down and small bits of food seem to chill out in my throat. Certain solids are starting to go very roughly down my throat, like it is almost scratching the throat. I've choked on liquids 2 times in the past few days alone. However, I can still generally eat and drink okay. The only time the tickle is for the most part gone is after lying down for a while and not eating or drinking anything. After being up for about 30 mins-1 hour it has returned and the throat clearing/coughing begins again. Mucus tends to not ever really come up when I cough and try to get rid of it, but when I cough I can sometimes feel it hitting other parts of my throat/back of tongue/whatever after doing it. One reassuring thing is that I do get pretty quick and hard "hiccups" after eating almost every time, so I am guessing it is reflux. I've been on PPIs before and they have seemed to not really do anything. My problem is that I don't actually ever feel any reflux. I don't get the normal heartburn or anything like that, nor do I feel anything actually come up.

-I have also had sinus problems the past 12 months and now one of my nostrils is almost permanently blocked (switches side).

-I've been getting the sensation of liquid entering my nose when I drink anything probably 5-10% of the time for the past 2 weeks.

-My nose now runs when I eat almost anything.

-Tongue quivers constantly on the surface, though when I try to rest it in the back of my mouth it doesn't quiver as near often. Even the slightest tension or subtle movement causes it to quiver near constantly with many twitches per second. Looks a lot like this guy's (bet whoever posted this is from this forum :P) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSoJ96x-QVM . Very small parts of my tongue quiver quickly when my tongue is at rest, randomly all over. Just doesn't happen with the same frequency. I get the quivers at rest every 2-3 seconds and in multiple places.

-My tongue has become wide/fat in the past 5-6 months and started scalloping. It's far more scalloped now than it was then, especially on the left side. It's scalloped whether at rest/lazy or completely extended/tightened, though more noticeable when at rest.

-I've body-wide twitched since late April/early May of 2014.

-I have no noticeable weakness in anything and can still move my tongue quickly and tent my cheeks. I don't think I have any kind of speech problem. However, I cannot tent my right cheek with the same force as my left one. Tenting my right cheek causes my tongue to feel incredibly tight and makes the muscles in the left side of my neck quiver.

-I also have muscle ratcheting in pretty much every muscle of the body. Seems to only happens when I de-extend a muscle though and never happens on actual extension. I was curious if anyone thought this could be what causes the tongue quiver since the tongue muscle is much more complex?

I've made posts similar to these before in the past, but I've never had so many symptoms and it is sort of scaring me now (the choking on liquids/feeling liquid in my nostrils especially). I've also put off going to a doctor since October, but I'm finally going to schedule an appointment for a specialist tomorrow and get this handled. Should I go to a Neurologist (never been for the twitching) or an ENT? Am I needlessly freaking out here and is this most likely just some untreated reflux causing throat + sinus issues? I'm 26 years old so I know the likelihood of bulbar *** is so incredibly small, especially since mine is more of a throat issue it seems and less of a speech one (though the tongue quiver has always concerned me).

Thanks guys.
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Re: Swallowing and Sinus Questions

Postby misterjuanperalta on February 23rd, 2015, 5:59 am

See a neurologist
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Re: Swallowing and Sinus Questions

Postby Bibi on February 23rd, 2015, 12:10 pm

I have Many off The same issues , twitching since april , clean EMG left arm and leg in september. Dry and unconfortable feeling in tounge since november ( at least ) and have to clear my Voice after eating. I dont know if my tounge Twitch i Will not take A look.
I hope that You Will tell what happens at The neuro .
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Re: Swallowing and Sinus Questions



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