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feeling down again

PostPosted: February 8th, 2015, 11:43 pm
by Jocruz

My twitches have been bad again lately. I noticed that my right hand along the pinky side is showing real symptoms of atrophy. I think it could be due to an ulnar nerve entrapment but everyone knows what happenes when we notice new symptoms. I also get pain along that side of my right hand, and pulsing twitches on my inner elbow on that side. I wake up many mornings with my right pinky and index finger numb and my my grip strength on my right hand is now weaker than on the left. also, I have no push strength in my right pinky. I'm having pains in right leg as well, and nonstop twitching all over my bodY... what does this sound like?

Re: feeling down again

PostPosted: February 11th, 2015, 4:26 pm
by emmie.s
It sounds like BFS to me, combined with some nerve irritation issues. The pain and the fact that you wake up with it numb definitely points to that. Sometimes when I sleep on my arm, the entire thing feels weak for hours. You are a twitcher, so anytime you have nerve issues, a virus, inflammation, stress, or anxiety, you can bet that your body will respond by increased twitching. I would definitely see a neurologist to address the ulnar/nerve entrapment issue, before surgery to release the trapped nerve is needed. There is no need to worry about what I know is in the back of your mind; the pain and numbness indicates it is something much much much less serious, though it still needs to be checked out. Take care.