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After exercise - meltdown

PostPosted: February 4th, 2015, 2:10 pm
by Krisztina86
I am sorry for bothering you, especially those who are facing maybe a lot worse problems.

For those who does not know me: My mother had ALS at 58yrs, and my symptoms started 6 weeks after her diagnosis, at age 26 1/2, and since than, I am more or less concerned with having familial ALS (and I had 2kids by that time already...)
I had much sensational stuff, then for quite a long time now, twitcing is concentrated on my left side, from toe to face, with weak feelings, though I can work and do everything normally.
After 5 yrs of without any kinds of sport, I re-started some exercise, I badly need this.
I downloaded a workout plan for beginner ladies, and started.
The exercise is light, but my left leg is totally crap, I feel my quadriceps is non-existent. I did 30 mins indoor cycling, 4*10 squats and 3*10 stationary forward lunges, but after this my left knee was shaking very badly, and I thought I would fall (I did not). I did 6*5 push-ups with knees on the flooe, and used the handy weights, just small ones (just 2 kgs), usual biceps, triceps, shoulder, chest exercise, 3-5*10 series, but left arm was shaking in the end, and thought I would drop the weight.
On the next day, I went downstairs in an ugly way, both of mey leg hurts, this should be normal, but left side is far worse. And exercise also triggered twitches in new spots, like at lower back, where I did not before.
I am going to go crazy. Interestingly, I can do a lot of things, running, jumping, jumping on one foot, walking on toes/heels, walking in stilettos, handstand etc. But here there was a guy here with bulbas onset ALS and he was doing martial arts, so....

Please leave your comments.
Thanks a lot.

Re: After exercise - meltdown

PostPosted: February 4th, 2015, 2:24 pm
by Yuliasir
bulbar ALS kills people when they are still walikng and have no paralysis becasue it affects breathing center directly. It is a rare case of ALS development/
As a person who started fitness excercises two weeks ago after practiclly not excercising for 15 years minimum, I can say you started with a really high load for beginner, and it is normal to experience shaking (unilateral too), pains etc. what did you really expected after 5 years on non-training? It is pretty common reaction :)))

Re: After exercise - meltdown

PostPosted: February 4th, 2015, 6:27 pm
by lostinneverwhere
I'm an avid hiker and biker and I will tell you after the cold weather off season my body revolts when I get back in action. The first few hikes or biking trips cause my arms and legs to feel like jello. Not to mention sore crampy feeling muscles and tons of twitching to boot. After a week or two my body finally relents and starts to get strong again and most of the sensations pass. My left side is more twitch happy than the right. But sometimes my arms and torso are twitchers and not my legs or vice versa.

Also. For me BFS started in my feet and legs but after a wonderful 10 mile hike after a 2 month sendentary it exploded to everywhere.

I agree with Yul on this one. You came out guns blazing exercise wise.

Just breathe and adjust your routine.