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Twitching in left foot and cramps

PostPosted: January 25th, 2015, 4:07 pm
by Bibi
Now it is me Who need some reassurance ! I have Being twitching for nine monts now , specially my left foot which is going on every secund , but i also have it in back , arms , thighs and face . I also have cramps in my feet and for The last two monts A dry and unconfortable feeling in my mouth . I had A clean EMG , left leg and arm ( not the foot )5 monts in and i saw The neuro Who send me for EMG 6/1 -15. He just looked,at my tounge and Said i have tounge tremor ( only When i asked ) he dont say much and that makes me nerveous . I Said i was scared and then he Said it is A good idea to see A psykologist because : i have to live The live i have , whether i am sick or not. I realise that ,but i am scared. Wednesday i am going to an *** specialist , i have seen him 1 dec. And he wanted to see me again in two months even he Said he didnt Think i have *** . I made A video today off my left foot and i Will show it to The specialist ( it was The other neuro Who told me to do that , i am going back to him in april) I Can still do everything even that i have some pain in my left arm somedays , but i Can Dance and that is The only thing that makes me A little more Calm and happy.
It made me feel so bad When i saw How Many Twitches i actually have in left foot , i try to ignore every Day, but now i have it on video :(

Re: Twitching in left foot and cramps

PostPosted: January 25th, 2015, 5:10 pm
by leaflea
Bibi we have so much in common including feelings about our neuro doctors and what they indicate to us!! Repeat to yourself he said he does not think you have it. I have wet mouth. Both can be caused by anxiety. I wish you well and thnk of you. Please keep us updated!

Re: Twitching in left foot and cramps

PostPosted: January 25th, 2015, 8:49 pm
by seanrblock
Hey Bibi-

I don't really post much on here anymore, but I wanted to post to help you feel better. My twitching started around 2005 and I had a few pops but then my left foot started. It honestly twitches 1 time a second or more. If I take off my sock I can see them flickering from my big toe back to my heal non stop. They have been like that since 2005 and NEVER stopped. As I type this, I can see my big toe !kbve whenever I get one in the front of my arch. I also get them all over my foot too. So I have had 90% of my twitching be only in my left foot for soo long and its rarely in my rightr arch. All my neuros have see it and not worried. They would not even emg of because he said feet are most likely to have nerve damage and its the most common place to twitch non stop (also calves). As time went on sometimes I only got a few pops in my arch an hour, but normally they are still dozens a minute. So don't worry about your foot, I know LOTS of BFS people who have them constant there! I am 10 years into it and just had more good test results, its going to be OK =)