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First EMG tomorrow - Scared!!!

PostPosted: January 7th, 2015, 12:43 pm
by Jenna
Hi all,
Went to neuro. In September for burning sensation on skin & numbness in various areas. He did my clinical exam (walk on toes, etc.) and said it was normal. I later find read in my report where he put this: DTRS abnormal (areflexic). I think this is the same as hypoflexia. Everything else in the report was normal. Had another neuro exam different neurologist about 3 weeks ago. He said exam was normal but when I asked about reflexes and told him the other neuro had put in my report, he tested my knees again with the little mallet and said my reflexes are brisk and he seemed unconcerned.

So tomorrow I have an EMG and I am so extremely worried. I still have the sensory issues although Gabapentin is helping. Sensory issues seem to have moved to my hands these days (burning). Today it’s left hand but normally it’s both hands at the same time. Sensation is burning and numbness as well and is worsened when opening and closing my hand.

I am not trying to create panic by asking this question. I was reading on the **s forum today (I know, bad idea!) about a lady who presented with only numbness. Her clinical was normal. She felt some heaviness and mild pain in both triceps and occasional stiffness in thighs. Started reading about ALS and started twitching 24/7. Her first EMG showed fasics and mild active denervation in both legs, and chronic denervation in left arm. Second EMG done in left arm, back and tongue and showed no fasics or any kind of denervation. Spinal MRI showed moderate herniations of the C4 and L4 discs. Neuro told her I don’t think you have **S but it can’t be ruled out because of your EMG. He recommended she see a neuromuscular specialist for reassurance. Her appt. was in 2 months with the specialist. Her post was from 2007 and she never came back and posted results of that appt.

All her symptoms and clinical point away from anything sinister yet her EMG was dirty. I’m somewhat freaking myself out about this as I thought sensory symptoms were a good thing as far as NMD is concerned. I’m really scared about the EMG tomorrow. This will be my first EMG. Was just looking for some thoughts on this. My grandfather died from **S back in the 1960’s when my dad was a 14 years old I believe but I don’t know of any other family members that have had it.

Re: First EMG tomorrow - Scared!!!

PostPosted: January 7th, 2015, 12:58 pm
by misterjuanperalta
Bilateral, symmetric hypo/hyper-reflexia is associated with spine problems, such as myelopathy. For those who wonder, DTRS is Deep Tendon Reflexes.

Re: First EMG tomorrow - Scared!!!

PostPosted: January 7th, 2015, 4:30 pm
by garym
dont be scared about the emg. you will be fine, if your clinicals are good...i would bet money on it. Brisk reflexes are more often than not associated with anxiety.

Don't concern yourself with incomplete internet stories....there is plenty of factual information for you to read about our condition, and even als if you are so inclined. don't stress yourself out about some story on the internet, it just isn't worth it.

take care,