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1 yr still scared

PostPosted: December 28th, 2014, 12:09 pm
by Kevo5684
So long story short it started with twitching in my knee I Googled and then it spread like wild fire I have no weakness and for the majority the biggest thing that has hurt me is my mind I quit working out so much gained about 25 lbs and no when I do work out I'm kinda outta shape in get pretty sore offer a workout and all this had taken a pretty big tole on my ocd . All that being said I'm still scared of a** and there have been some articles on here one in specific about some guy having body wide twitching for 18 months before getting a** all the time lifting weights regular and all that I really want to know how true this stuff is guys ! Please help me on that ! And I will ad that it got a lot better at one point and here in the past few month's had picked back up again I get pretty down in the winter month's Idk maybe that has something to do with it but any incite would be greatly appreciated