Makes me crazy - Buzzing Thigh

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Makes me crazy - Buzzing Thigh

Postby Lasszucken on December 10th, 2014, 7:36 am

Need to vent...

My left thigh is buzzing all day long. 2 seconds buzzing, 2 seconds pause, 2 seconds buzzing and so on..
It's going on like this since the beginning of October, only a few hours a day it doesn't do this.
It's hard to relax with an mobile phone implanted in your leg.

Silly me I started to tense my leg, so it stops buzzing- It stops buzzing, but as I do this so often, like doing squats, I get sore muscles..haha...

Maybe I need to chop off my leg?

I know this i quite common amongst us BFSers, but I wonder how long anyone have had this, until it stopped - or if you found anything to make it less distracting? I tried Tums for two months, no relief..

Any ideas?

Thanks for reading,

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Makes me crazy - Buzzing Thigh



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