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Twitching for 1 Year

PostPosted: November 24th, 2014, 9:15 am
by DaveCH
I have been officially twitching for a year. This time last year it started with a cheek twitch and within a week my calf started and then everywhere. I thought I was doomed. I have been to my neuro 3 times and didn't have an emg. Was doing great and then at around 9 months my tongue started which set me back. My twitching is greatly reduced and I put it down to reduction in anxiety and stress and just not thinking about it. I honestly couldn't care less about twitching. I am actually in a way glad of bfs as I went to a therapist for health anxiety and it was the best thing I have done to deal with health anxiety in general. My regrets are not listening to my neuro at the first visit and not enjoying last xmas or my kids birthdays because I was totally consumed with the fear and spending all my time on Google. One thing for sure is I'm going to enjoy xmas this year with my family. I have done all the strength testing looking at my body under my phone light, staring at my tongue so my jaw hurts, thinking I am slurring words and none of it helps. I think everyone at some stage accepts that they or ok. For me it was around 9.5 months. I look back now over the last year and realise how ridiculous and obsessive I have been and for me it's a year wasted. I owe my wife so much for putting up with me and I am taking her to a 5 star hotel for a 3 day spa break in a few weeks simply because she deserves it.
I just wanted to thank all the people who helped me on this site you helped keep me relatively sane at the start of all this.


Re: Twitching for 1 Year

PostPosted: November 24th, 2014, 9:23 am
by LKP1231
So easy to relate to this post. Glad you are well. Wishing you a great year ahead and many more