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Myoclonus jerks, antrophy, weakness AND twitching. Anxiety??

PostPosted: November 19th, 2014, 5:28 am
by sanje77
Hey all,

I posted a while back, first with worry, then with the reassuring results of my EMG. I felt reassured and confident to leave my anxiety behind. I went on holiday, in fact I am on holiday right now, to let my nerves settle down, but here I am again, more anxious than ever. I've been experiencing some new symptoms and am going insane with worry.
My story so far:
- started having a weak achey right shoulder and upper arm 3-5 months ago, getting worse. Attributed too computer work first...
- twitching in my feet started about a month later... Googled (big mistake) and twitches started all over, but 24/7 in feet.
- Crampy pain on top of feet, especially right
- went to neuro clinic, atrophy of my left thenar muscle in the palm of my hand was noted, but they said it could be because I'm right handed. EMG and other tests were conducted. EMG done just in right thigh, neuro told me it was a 'representative' muscle, so no need to do it anywhere else. I was released from hospital with the words 'no neurological concern', so I guess the EMG was fine (haven't got a copy yet).
-symptoms persisted, so I went to my neuro again, she a conducted a very quick EMG of my right arm, which came out clean
I was relieved!!!! But now, things are so much worse:
- noticed that the muscle under my right boulder blade is soooooo much smaller than the left. If iift my arms the left one comes out and on the right there's just a big dent. That sent me over the edge a bit, as I convinced myself that I have those arm and shoulder problems because of the weakened muscle. Had a cortisone shot in my shoulder before the holiday and it didn't make any difference.
- now my right ankle also started feeling weak since 2 weeks ago
- I started having trouble breathing, seems really shallow and I struggle to take deep breaths. Anxiety?
- and the biggest of my concerns: every night and every morning while lying awake, at sometimes when at rest during the day, I get these startling jerks in part so my body. Feet, left thumb, right hand, right calf... It scares me to death, I can't control it. Are these myoclonus jerks?
I feel so scared!!!! I keep thinking what if it was too early to conduct the EMG and now it would show something quite different?? I wish I could enjoy my holiday but I can't... I realise I'm posting a lot of symptoms that aren't related to bfs, but maybe some of you have experienced other concerning symptoms too die to anxiety? I really want to blame everything on anxiety. The atrophy I can't, but I'm hoping that has always been there and I'm just hyper aware now... I feel really helpless and am scared to go to sleep (went on holiday on my own), because of the limb jerks.

I will go back to my neuro after the holiday but I doubt I'll get another EMG appointment before the new year.
Maybe someone has a few words of encouragement, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks for reading...Sanje

Re: Myoclonus jerks, antrophy, weakness AND twitching. Anxie

PostPosted: November 19th, 2014, 5:31 am
by sanje77
Sorry, I talked about the small muscle under my shoulder blade, I meant under my collar bone!! Typing very fast on my phone and making loads of mistakes, sorry.

Re: Myoclonus jerks, antrophy, weakness AND twitching. Anxie

PostPosted: November 19th, 2014, 6:57 am
by LKP1231
Once you have any symptoms the emg isn't too early.