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PostPosted: November 15th, 2014, 9:37 am
by Ranger999
Hello. This text is translated via Google translate so some words can be wrong.
I am a worried 39-year-old who, like many have muscle spasms. Do you able to help me with answers to my questions, I would be grateful.

For my part, my twitching began as a tingling in the tongue for just under a year ago. During this period, I was very stressed and had very tight muscles in my neck and had been there for several years. After a couple of months with tingling and visible twitching of the tongue, I went to the doctor and neurologist, and then received notice that it is most likely due to stress. Since I have had sleep problems and anxiety that something was seriously wrong with me, I started taking antidepressants (SSRIs). The same week that I started taking the medication I had visible muscle twitches (fasciculations) in calves which spread to the whole body for a few weeks. I have had fasciculations in the hands, forearms, legs, buttocks, back, etc. Then I was even more worried because I started Googling and found that this could be a sign of motor neurone disease. After two months with an SSRI, I stopped with those with a gradual reduction over a couple of weeks. Then I thought fascikulationerna was slightly better but not quite well. Then it went a couple of months when I had fasciculations and simultaneously began to become very tense in the muscles around the mouth, nose and forehead. A few months later I started getting pain in my legs (mostly thighs) and it feels like I have aches all the time. My feet have also started to vibrate, especially when I go to sleep, and it feels like I have electricity in them. Today it's been almost a year since tingling started of the tongue and about six months ago I started having fasciculations in the rest of the body. I have pain in my legs, in principle all the time and muscles feel tense and tired. I sometimes get cramps in both hands, forearms and feet. The muscles around the mouth and nose is still very tense and I've even small fasciculations around the eyes and on the cheeks.
Some days I have a little more fasciculations and others a little less, but the pain in my legs are constantly nowadays and rather becomes worse and worse.
I do not think I've lost any power in the muscles but they feel most tired in my muscles and I can not stand up any long time before I have to sit down. I have been to the neurologist again for a couple of weeks ago and he had never heard of BFS but said it is benign fasciculations but that it should not cause my symptoms, is he right? He did not do any EMG at present but wanted to wait a few months. According to him, due fasciculations probably my stress, however, my stress is much better these days than it was when it all began. However, I am still very worried.
I am worried that it is a motor neuron disease but hope it could be BFS. Is there anyone who has had similar progress in their BFS?

Very grateful for answers.

Re: Worried.

PostPosted: November 15th, 2014, 10:01 am
by LKP1231
After all this time the neurologist surely would have seen some true weakness during your visit. Your symptoms are all over and you have many different ones which seems just like bfs. If he called it benign it doesn't matter if he says bfs or not. If you work on your anxiety your symptoms will probably become less over time.

Re: Worried.

PostPosted: November 17th, 2014, 11:13 pm
by Jayden
Seems pretty normal to me, try to work on you're anxiety and sleep quality.

Re: Worried.

PostPosted: December 6th, 2014, 3:38 pm
by LKP1231
Hope you've been feeling better.