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Scary hand twitching

PostPosted: October 26th, 2014, 9:58 pm
by readytocheckout
Today I had to grip something tightly with my right hand and when I released the grip the muscle along the side of my hand from pinky finger to the thumb was twitching like I've never seen it twitch before. It was twitching and shaking quite violently and the only way I could stop it was to clench my fist and release it.

This really scared me as I've never seen this before. Is this anything to worry about or something I should see my Neuro about?

I recently had a clean emg, it was only a 15 minute check of both thighs, both upper arms, and both hands in the muscle on the top of the hand between the index finger and thumb. No clinical was done unfortunately but at least the emg was clean.

After so many months of twitching I am in worrying mode again, and clean emg
makes me think about umn. If
this is still bfs then it's progressing to more scary symptoms and I just don't know how to think that this really is benign.

I've still got a swallowing problem that I've had since Dec 2013 which I guess is a long time for anything nasty, but in any case it's not getting better but I also think it's not getting worse.

Re: Scary hand twitching

PostPosted: October 27th, 2014, 4:59 am
by Nightfly
Hi readytocheckout ,

I wouldn't worry too much - I get this as well but in both hands. Been doing it now for close to two years (the side of my hands also twitch on their own). No lost of function or grip so after so long I guess its harmless. You have also had a recent clean EMG. If you had anything nasty something would have shown up on that (and actually from my experience 15 minutes of prodding during an EMG is about normal).

Re: Scary hand twitching

PostPosted: October 27th, 2014, 5:23 am
by Andreas

don´t worry about your finger twitching. I twitch myself often on this place too. It can stay for a while there or get off after a few days or weeks.
That is all a part of BFS. I often think myself that BFS is getting more worse after a new symptom appear or some twitching is getting stronger. But I can say that some symtoms will also getting better. Maybe not today but the time will come! It is the nature of BFS that your symptoms will getting more worse until the badest point is reached. After that Point it will mostly getting much better by time. But you have also to defeat your anxiety, that is the most importend part!! If you don´t do that your symptoms will not getting better so far.

And your clean EMG rules out LMND. It doesn´t matter how many muscles are picked. My EMG was only made in 4 Muscles. One in my Tibia, one in my upper arm, one in my back und one in my cheek. The EMG was made in the best muscle-center in vienna and the neuro who made it told me that the 4 muscles are always more than enough to find signs if something sinister is going on.
And UMN signs are easy to find in a normal clinical exam (maybe you should get some exam to get peace of mind). UMN does not make some twitching! Twitching is only caused by LMN! So don´t think about that. You have absolutely nothing that indicates damage on your UMN. So please don´t go on the net and read for UMN damage. This can easy cause some symtoms by your anxiety.
If your neuro who made the EMG has not made a clinical to you, he maybe has not seen any sign that indicates a exam.
Try to thrust your neuro. Your EMG was absolutely extensive enough.

And your swallowing issues are not bulbar! If it where, than you would have 100% more issues now. Bulbar is the most rapid form and you would it know by now if you have it.

So try to relax and don´t think to much about your twitches....
And don´t freak out if you have a spot or new places of twitching. Keep in mind that this is all the nature of BFS.
Maybe it takes a time to do so, but by the time it will get easier to don´t worry by the symptoms.


Re: Scary hand twitching

PostPosted: October 27th, 2014, 7:46 am
by dolphin8808
I have read that BFS can occasionally get worse with time but its still very benign. I have constant leg muscle twitches. Barely noticeable to the eye but I can feel every single one.