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Twitching more at night or when sitting

PostPosted: October 23rd, 2014, 10:08 am
by dolphin8808
So I notice the twitches so much more at night or when I am sitting at my desk.

A little info about me, 8/31/14 I herniated a disc in my back which has causes severe sciatica down my left leg into my foot. I started taking prednisone the same day I herniated (went to the ER due to severe pain).

Let me say, I have always been a bit twitchy, had an eyelid twitch last over a month before. But within 2 days of injuring my back I began having a LOT of twitching and spasming in my effected left leg, mostly below the knee.

Within a few more days I noticed the twitching in both legs (though the effected leg calmed a bit and the spasms stopped, it only left with random twitching). I do notice the twitching through out my body, but 80% in below my hips. I do also get them in my arms, back, abs, neck etc.

I have read that a side effect of the steroid can be muscle twitching but that was 8 weeks ago so I doubt that is causing my continuous twitching now. It seems to come in waves, some days I don't seem to notice that many, other days, they are almost constant. Ankle, foot, calf, to thigh, to butt, to knee, back, calf to ankle etc... all over the place. about 50% that are in my legs, are in my calves.

I am also a high anxious person, health anxiety especially so this is not something I mentally handle well. I freaks me out and I google and it becomes a vicious cycle. I will be seeing my nuerologist tomorrow and am looking forward to his opinions on it all.

I notice at night when trying to go to sleep I seem to twitch so much more in my legs and I notice it a lot when sitting at my desk at work, maybe because my legs are at rest? I am a fitness instructor and due to my back and I have had to go with no weight in squats, lunges and my back track but keep the same weight for chest, biceps, triceps etc. I keep "thinking" I have muscle weakness, that I am fatiguing faster than normal when teaching class. Maybe I am as Ive had to pull it back a level due to my injury? But I associate it something sinister. That I am losing strength. My foot caught while I was walking into the store last night and now I am thinking its due to muscle weakness in my good leg. Dropped my keys 2 weeks ago (had a few things in my hands) and am wondering if that has something to do with it as well. So then last night I was freaking out, holding my coffee and feeling to see if my grip was still strong and firm.

Crazy right? Have any of you gone through this, paying so much attention to your body that you wonder if you are feeling real weakness or just your mind playing tricks? I am so tired of the twitching. I went on vacation 2 weeks ago and had almost none for the entire 5 days. Lack of stress maybe a cure? Lack of working out giving my body a rest? I don't know but I surely wish I did.

Does muscle relaxers help any of you?

Re: Twitching more at night or when sitting

PostPosted: October 23rd, 2014, 10:12 am
by dolphin8808
Also, why is it said that its better to have wide spread twtiching vs localized?

Re: Twitching more at night or when sitting

PostPosted: October 29th, 2014, 9:43 pm
by Neville86
Me too dolphin. I think this is the norm for BFS. I twitch all over and usually only feel this twitches when lying in bed or sitting/standing still. Thenar, arm, butt, thigh, calf,abdomen, shoulder, neck, cheek, and of course, tongue. How often do you twitch? I'm a pretty mild twitcher most days (I think) 25 per hour or so.

Re: Twitching more at night or when sitting

PostPosted: November 1st, 2014, 5:39 am
by Pascal35
dolphin8808 wrote:Also, why is it said that its better to have wide spread twtiching vs localized?

Hi Dolphin - i think it is said because ALS affects individual group of muscles first. In other words it will start from the arm and you will feel the weakness and twitching there and then in a few months time in another spot. So widespread twitching would normally mean that your whole nervous system is producing them and/or tiredness and/or high levels of lactic acid etc...
I am twitching over the last 12 months but very mild and random. Had several clean EMGs but now i am totally freaked out because over the last 24 hours my left bicep doesn't want to stop twitching. Its constant, scary and makes my bicep and deltoid a bit sore. Anyway i have created a post about it in The Support Group if you want to read details.
All the best