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Routine Checkup Today

PostPosted: October 8th, 2014, 10:40 am
by trustme78
I went to my neuro for a routine checkup. Last time she said she wanted to see me in October and if the twitching is still there we might do an EMG. I also had a nerve velocity test done because of my sulcus ulnaris syndrome. Everything was fine. My neurologist has an expert (an older doc) who stops by every other week and does the EMG. I talked to both of them afterwards and they said they see a lot of fasculations but without signs of any bad things in the EMG and without clinical weakness it's insignificant. Basically what so many other people here got told by their neuros.

She said I should continue seeing my psychiatrist because this clearly improved my situation enormously and if I want I should come for a checkup in 6 months. No more EMGs necessary and I can even skip the checkup if I want. I wasn't really nervous up to the appointment today. Just a little when I was lying on the table and they put in the needle and I had to listen to this noise. They actually found some fasculations on the EMG - didn't worry them at all. Doesn't worry me at all.

My twtiching started around June, my sensory issues some months before that in April. It got a lot better, maybe 90%. I don't really pay attention to the other 10% any more. She asked me if I still twitch in my calves and I said I hadn't looked for days or even weeks if there is any twitching going on.

So for anyone who is very new to this. Chances are it will get better. Get a checkup, get an EMG if your neuro says it necessary. Trust them - they get a real education, a real degree you know. Not Dr. Google an hearsay on forums. When I was at the height of my twitching I thought this nightmare would never stop but it did. Seems so distant now.


Re: Routine Checkup Today

PostPosted: October 8th, 2014, 12:02 pm
by MarioMangler
Very proud of you. You are making great progress. :D