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Back, again

PostPosted: October 7th, 2014, 3:35 pm
by hpc
Can't believe I'm here again - both literally and metaphorically speaking...

First started twitching everywhere about 2003, saw one neuro 2004, fascics on emg but all clear and BFS diagnosis. Two pregnancies in last 5 years, no twitching whatsoever during and for sometime after pregnancies. Back with a vengence since Jan this year. Right arm and hand (thumb) the worst, fingers and thumb move loads. Then 3 weeks of non stop right foot arch and now - in the last week - tongue twitching. I never had the latter much before. I had a thunder-y/thumpy type tongue twitch yesterday in work and I literally put my head in my hands at my desk and thought id be sick. No joke.

HOW can I not control the anxiety associated with the twitches by now. Therapy hasn't worked much at all.

Am I right that, rationally, this cannot be anything serious after such a long time? The thing bothering me is that I feel like im having v slight twitching on tongue and hand/thumb a lot of the time and only sometimes it goes strong enough for me to really feel. Does that sound familiar to anyone? Like im imagining the sensations and then - bang a real visible one.

sorry for the rant. Any advice much appreciated. :(

Re: Back, again

PostPosted: October 7th, 2014, 11:32 pm
by Yuliasir
Therapy has not worked at all

it really depends on what therapy it was and what so called requests were worked out. CBT effect sometimes just fades while anxious mind is always with you. So it needs to be re-trained.