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Another looking for reassurance

PostPosted: October 6th, 2014, 4:42 pm
by bama
I really have tried for weeks not to post.. just to read and try to force myself to realize I am ok. I can't seem to get my mind there... so here goes.

First occurrence of twitching/fasciculations was a couple years ago. Would normally only get them after a run. Would feel like popcorn going off in calves and back of thighs. *** crossed my mind at that time, but a quick visit to the doc said no and I moved on.

Two years later they are back with a vengeance. All started again back first of July. Started with a funny feeling behind my left knee. Left calf started getting sore, inner thigh followed..all within a few days. Hadn't even thought about the twitching at that point. Couldn't tell you for the first couple weeks if it was there or not. Leg got more and more sore and started thinking I should get it checked out. Had ultrasound done to rule out a DVT and then again 1 week later. Both were clear but in the mean time started noticing the twitching. Twitching came along with more pain and soreness.

All started in my left calf.... then left foot... then left hamstring...
That led me to go see doc again. I have Meniere's disease so the doc decided to do an MRI of my head to make sure the Meniere's wasn't MS related... It was clean. No MS. Twitching getting worse still. Doc sends me on to spine Dr. who orders lower lumbar MRI. All this mainly being done for pain I am having. MRI shows slight narrowing of nerve channels going into legs and a touch of arthritis in the left. Said might be causing some pinching but really couldn't tell if that would be causing all the symptoms.

Twitching has now moved to the right to join the left, calf, feet, thighs, butt... also starting to feel a buzzing in my pelvis. So... onto next test... abdominal CT. All normal with exception of slightly enlarged prostate that most people start getting when they hit 40. No big deal. By the time I have been through this test... the buzzing is now in my wrists and fingers...

On to the Neurologist... does his regular exam... nothing significant.. no atrophy... no clinical weakness...of course it's heavy in my mind now what it COULD be. Even though I am on this board reading over and over.. I can't find that answer I need. I have measured my calves and thighs for weeks now and don't see any changed other than a little daily fluctuation that measure 1-2 mm... yes... mm....

Twitching has gotten worse... to the point my right inner thigh is absolutely thumping at times. Twitching happening both legs, back, arms, scalp, toes.. you name it.. it's twitching. The thing that keeps questions in my mind about what is going on is the general feeling of fatigue, especially in my legs. They just don't feel normal... heavy, tired, different.... not every day and sometimes not all day. But... today is one of those days. With the heaviness, there is pain whenever anything is putting pressure anywhere on my legs... just downright uncomfortable to even lean again a counter. I think the general uneasy and heavy feeling in my legs is what is not letting me let go of the evil 3 letters. Also... about forgot until I tried to open a bottle... fingers are sore most of the time. No loss of strength in them... just sore.. And last of all, I seem to occasionally trip over my own feet. Probably would have never ever even given that much thought if I hadn't read it somewhere.

Is all of this related to something benign?... that's the reassurance I need. Going on 3.5 months now. Scheduled for an EMG and nerve study at the end of this week. Would like to convince myself that I don't even need to go through those, but is that the only way to find some peace with all this? Is what I am feeling common with an issue such as BFS?

Re: Another looking for reassurance

PostPosted: October 6th, 2014, 11:13 pm
by Nytviolet
I have every symptom you have AND nearly an inch difference between left and right calves. Been twitching 18 years, but the last six have been exacerbated. You also have fatigue and may want to read up on ME/CFS and fibromyalgia. It's so hard to believe something so dramatic is benign, but eventually you'll come to that conclusion. I'm sure your EMG will be fine, and hope you'll find some peace of mind (it can really mess with you head). Hugs

Re: Another looking for reassurance

PostPosted: October 10th, 2014, 11:29 am
by bama
Waned to post a follow up. Just got out of my EMG and nerve study. Neurologist said only thing he can see abnormal is some slowing of the nerve in my left leg. So I will take a slow nerve any day. No signs of anything else. I have a little arthritis I my left hip so that could very well explain the nerve if it's being pinched at all. Of course that doesn't explain the wild twitching, but at his point... I'm not sure if I even care if it is explained. Would like to try to figure out ways that maybe it could be controlled, but feel like at least a heavy weight has been lifted.

So at is point I am calling it BFS. And gladly calling it that. Sitting here typing this feeling my legs, back and scalp bubbling... And at the moment... Don't care.

I will be back on here looking for advice for controlling these if it's at all possible, but for now I will just take this news for what it is and try to lower my anxiety over it all.

For those of you with upcoming nerve studies and EMG, don't stress over it like I did. The build up to it was so much worse than he actual tests.