several months twitching, seeking reasurance

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several months twitching, seeking reasurance

Postby jacksonc on October 6th, 2014, 12:56 pm

I'm 20 years old and my twitching began in early June, heres how my symptoms presented to me I'm just hoping to find reasurance until my Neuro appointment by seeing how they compared to others.

Tight right calf, several days later twitches began.
Within two weeks twitches spread throughout all of body, calves, quads, back/shoulder blade cheeks hands feet.
Go to doctors office, blood tests run CPK level at 1020, tests run again because they were performed the day after I returned from a music festival, new results come back at 320.

Most of body is sore but physical symptoms definitely all worse on the right hand side of my body, tight right calf, sore knee, tight quad, sore bicep shoulder and forearm all on the right hand side of my body. Feeling "perceived weakness"
Twitching still running rampant around my body, making me nervous.
Also difficulty swallowing, but my GERD had been acting up this summer and my doctor noted that my esophagus had a degree of inflammation, things have improved in this regard since upping my PPI dose.

August: I start to become active again(going running), regular sleeping routine, finally feeling capable of working out again, still twitching and sore.

Present day: 4 Months in and still alive, still twitching. Most major concerns include the following: all muscle soreness still located on the right side of my body,tight calf, forearms, bicep and quad. My grip also still feels "weak" in my right hand, like it takes more effort to hold my cell phone or playsation controller. My hands are still tremoring when doing various activities, hasn't stopped since day one. When i flex my right arm theres a small twitch on the inside of my bicep which I can't feel but can see. I feel like i slur my words sometimes or they come out awkwardly but most people don't notice it except me and my Mom says I've been tongue tied since I was little. I also feel like my arms and hands move quick almost spastically compared to how I want them to :example i hit the wrong keys when typing etc.

Regardless I'm alive and have been performing "strength tests" on myself and am not less capable of doing any activities compared to when this all started. Any similarities between my story and others would make feel much better until I'm capable of getting an appointment with a neurologist which is the only thing capable of giving me a true answer.
Thank you all for taking time to read this and provide your input, you guys have already helped to keep my anxiety stable without even knowing it.
Thanks again.
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Re: several months twitching, seeking reasurance

Postby jwb33w on October 16th, 2014, 6:32 pm

Been right where you are except it was my entire body. I am still feeling the effects of all the anxiety from the past few months of worry, but that will take some time to get rid of completely I am sure
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Re: several months twitching, seeking reasurance



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