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Twitching for 2 years.

PostPosted: September 1st, 2014, 8:47 am
by Fizzz
Hi there, a few years ago I started twitching, and feeling a sensory loss in my arms.
my doctor back in the army sent me to do a head CT scan( because I also fainted kinda randomly this week) , and it came out clean. She told me that she once diagnosed someone with MS having these symptoms.
About a year after I stopped having tingling and remained only with the twitches and a bit of tremors, but they become much more annoying. I went to a neuro, who said he doesn't think I have anything serious, but sent me to an EMG. the EMG came almost clean ( he looked at it and said i have orthopedic problem in the neck, and I shouldn't worry about it).
about a year later the twitches still continue and annoy me very much. I twitch almost constantly in my right arm, and have occasional random twitches around the body.
Do you think that if I do more tests ( MRI? ) I could become more calm about the situation? or should I leave it be and cope with it. because currently I can't stop thinking about it. and it ruins my daily life.
I really think that my doctor back then screwed my mind if with the MS remark, but I am also scared that I do have something serious.

Re: Twitching for 2 years.

PostPosted: September 19th, 2014, 4:24 pm
by guitarguy11
I think if it is bothering you, have whatever tests you want done. But, I know so far from my experience, that even if we trust the doc, we don't COMPLETELY trust what they tell us, because we second guess, question, etc. Also, I read an old post the other day that resonated with me - in a nut shell it said that we tend to think that if (fill in the blank) time period passes and I do not have weakness, twitches, pain, or (fill in the blank) that I will be able to forget about this and move on. That does not tend to happen, even after the time period you set in your head passes, because our mind plays tricks on us. Instead, we have to (somehow) come to terms with the symptoms and learn to live with them. I think that with TIME this CAN happen, if we let it. Hang in there!