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Facing my fears!!!

PostPosted: August 21st, 2014, 7:39 pm
by Davey0720
So I like most of us here face a fear of ALS and it sucks. I haven't been so afraid of ALS since last year until the ice bucket challenges. I have an almost debilitating fear of ALS and currently am afraid I have it. Something horrible in my mind 48 hours ago happened to me....I was nominated for the challenge! I nearly had a panic attack on doing the challenge but guess what......I DID IT. I faced my fear of ALS nearly in tears that I had to wear sunglasses so people won't see my fear. Folks it was hard but I did it and I also added an addition to my challenge I donated to the I also challenged everyone else to donate along with the ice bucket challenge. Folks I need people with the same fears as me to talk to because y'all are the only ones that understand this fear. I think fear of ALS needs its own diagnosis versus health anxiety because Ive had health anxiety since I was a child and never once has any of my other diseases fears nearly gave me a heart attack until i feared ALS. Seriously last year I was in the hospital with a panic attack and chest pain. My blood pressure 160/110 and the doctors were afraid of me going into a stroke or cardiac arrest. I am only 30 years old. I won't bore anyone but I would like to challenge everyone to face your fears and take the challenge. Not if but when they find a cure for this disease our fears will be gone from this. I'm sure in my case and some of you it will be replaced with fear of another disease but this one won't cause us to miss life like I currently do.