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ALS Fear - Accepting BFS

PostPosted: August 21st, 2014, 3:51 pm
by Sherlock
Like many of you here, I have health anxiety. I have an appointment with a psychiatrist in two weeks FINALLY to start treating it. In the mean time, I wanted to understand BFS a little better and admit my irrational fears of a**.

So, I have very occasional tongue twitches. They look like little pops and I rarely feel them. I also have, in terms of pathology that worried me, a uvula that curls to the left and up. Problems with swallowing, currently Diagnosed by an ENT as reflux damage. Hoarse voice, also from reflux. Full body twitching and dents, all explained as benign by a neurologist.

The neuro gave me a full clinical keen than a month ago and said I had perfect reflexes, no weakness or atrophy, no Babinski or Hoffman signs, and he checked my tongue and gag reflexes. He said the tongue pops he saw were completely uninteresting, and noticed a few others that he said we're totally benign. He didn't order an emg or ncs because he said there was no reason without any positive signs or weakness. He sent me to an ent, who has experience with bulbar patients, and he scoped me. No atrophy in back of tongue, not impressed with twitching, no signs of weakness in vocal cords or the soft palate. He suggested I see a psychologist, and also diagnosed me with LaryngoPharyngeal Reflux due to severe inflammation consistent with reflux damage.

Here's what I was worried about. One, I know dysphagia is a bulbar sign... I have to rule that out because the doctor's all agreed on reflux, not neuro. Two, the uvula being curled up scares me, but my GP said it all raises normal - he did day my uvula is "impressively long." Three, I don't feel the tiny pops when I see them and they come and go - twitches elsewhere are very easy to see and feel and usually leave me cramping.

I'm 26, and I do recognize I don't have the neuro nasty, it's way too unlikely. I want to know if other folks experience these symptoms, and see if this sounds BFS related. My neuro didn't diagnose it, but was almost sure it was BFS made worse by anxiety disorders.

Would love to hear back, and great to meet you :D