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Self checking and fasciculation frequency

PostPosted: August 3rd, 2014, 9:30 pm
by Neville86
Has anyone noticed a correlation of any kind between self checking and frequency of twitches? As you all know, I'm on week four of my focal tongue fasciculation. This tongue twitch cropped up two days after a period of tongue self checking (health anxiety, don't ask me why). Anyway, I've noticed a pattern over the last four weeks:

The twitch is non existent in the morning until it's provoked. It's as if, without fail, I can induce the twitch by extending my tongue beyond a certain point and/or sticking my tongue out and resting my top lip on the tongue. It's the strangest thing, after the extension and without the top lip touching the tongue the spot will thump every couple seconds or so or it won't (I don't feel this but the twitch is much slower and larger). When the lip touches the tongue, the spot flickers like crazy.

When I've given things a rest the twitch takes more effort to induce (usually). When I've been checking it a lot however it twitches at the slightest provocation.

Anyone have any experience with this? This twitch is odd and different than any twitch I've ever had and it's freaking me out.