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3 weeks left - but fear again

PostPosted: July 2nd, 2014, 9:52 am
by German2
Hi there!

I have 3 weeks left to mark one year the beginning of my real twitching period. But I still feel doubtfull.
My story has begun 20 month ago with twiching of my pinkies (just pinkies, and just for a short while), sensible sensations, nerve pain, swallowing problems come and go, reversible myopathie, burning hand and feet, yaw pain come and go, muscle pain come and go, stiff muscles, joint clicking and a lot of other symptoms.

My twiching scale has very much reduced since the beginning 11 and a half month ago. But I still have my hotspot under my left feet. But not so strong like it was.
The only thing which really scares me very much, is that my muscles in hands still decline. Though no atrophy yet but I can really see my thenars decline. My foot arche decline has stopped one time and stays stable.

Meanwhile I have the diagnosis "hashimoto" - yes, could be responsible for the twiching, but for not muscle decline.
And they found antibodies against my nerve system - but I really don't have a clue, what they are responsible for (My neuro has a try on cortisone actually but I cannot feel an improvement up to now).

***was ruled out several times, but I had only one extensive EMG, one month after my twiching started plus a test called "motoric evoked potencials" - mep. Then just clinicals. My last one was in an als ambulance in April.
The als expert there told me, that - if there's no weakness within 12 month, to include the extraordinary cases, it is no als.
But I don't feel comfortable with the situation nevertheless. I would be very happy, if someone give me an opinion on the situation.

Thank you very much in advance!