Chronic muscle tension? Increased twitching

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Chronic muscle tension? Increased twitching

Postby spb1126 on May 13th, 2014, 12:30 pm

Hi -

I'm a long time twitcher - it comes and goes including buzzing, weird tongue stuff (fatigue/burning), general parasthesias (sp). I'm wondering if this relatively new condition is part of it? I've written about it before.

I seem to have chronic tension in my back and neck. I'm calling it that as I then get bilateral tension from the back of my head to over my ears. This will clog my ears as well. Sometimes my whole face is tense. The worst is when I walk and the bouncing will make my head feel full of pressure.

I've had two MRIs and am now on neurontin for possible migraine syndrome.

My twitching has increased in the last month as well. I'm having the feeling of a potential cramp in my leg which I know can be BFS related.

the head and neck stuff has me nuts. I am worried that it's actually weakening muscles though I probably know better - I'm not sure. Then I concentrate on spasticity and get myself worked up. I have full range of motion just a strange sensation that when the muscle tenses, it doesn't relax. I can stretch my neck and then the scalp muscles feel tense and don't let up. It sucks and I fear many things.

Thanks for your support.

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Chronic muscle tension? Increased twitching



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