My story, my life!

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My story, my life!

Postby keomagnes on March 19th, 2014, 11:53 am

Hello from Brazil folks!

First of all I'd like to thank y'all for this great community and it does feel a lot better knowing that we're not alone.

To be honest, I wasn't going to create a new topic as there are plenty of them but I felt like I should get this out of me.
My story with the twitching has started some years ago but it NEVER took my attention. I've always thought it was something related to my blood circulation.

It would happen for some days and then it would be gone for a long period of time. Lately I've had some real problems with anxiety and the twitching came back, it has spread to all over my body and sometimes it feels like my body is being attacked by hundreds of pins for like 2 seconds (maybe it won't make sense, but I didn't know how to put it). I can feel tingling sometimes but it's rare. At first I was really worried about ALS and MS but after some good research and a visit with my neurologist I eased my mind.

I don't know if these symptoms are gonna last or simply disappear like it always did. But after reading a lot of topics I'm kinda worried with something. Like @UFGatorGuy20 (it seems we have a lot in common) I don't really have any other symptoms besides the twitching in my calves and sometimes that pin thing I've mentioned before. I don't have any kind of fatigue nor muscle pain.

My worst fear is the progression of symptoms and consequently the fatigue together with the muscle pain. It's even bigger than my fear of having ALS or MS. I really like to work out and do exercises, I'm not a runner or bodybuilder but knowing that someday I'm not able to do it properly 'cause of the muscle pain or fatigue, scary the hell out of me. I really have problems with anxiety and even before the twitching started I was thinking about a way to control it. The only way I know and maybe one of the best, it's the meditation (any kind of suggestion I'd appreciate it). I haven't searched much about it on this forum but I will do so.

At the end the twitching doesn't bother me much and it seems it only occurs when I think about it. I don't really have any questions, all I wanted to do is share my story with you guys and be a part of the 'team'. I will try to post more often about the progression of my symptoms (or not) and my experiences with mediation.

Thank you so much for the support and wish you all a great day.
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Re: My story, my life!

Postby Gryphon on March 23rd, 2014, 8:39 pm

Hi keoMagnes,

Welcome to the group!

From everything I have read while dealing with this chapter of BFS; BFSBurger's write up of his experience and how he walked the road to recovery is the single best resource I have found; both in terms of identifying with his symptoms and finding his remediation steps most credible & comprehensive.

Being a syndrome; I view it as a classification that covers a range of underlying problems, which will be different for each "sufferer";
as will the presentation of symptoms and the effectiveness of the various remedial treatments.

In my case, the actual fasciculations are the least of my concerns. The worst symptoms have been occasional 'brain-fog' and continues to be the muscle fatigue.
The road to recovery will be long and your approach will need to be calm and multi-faceted.

Now here comes a truly frustrating piece of advice:
find ways to occupy your heart and mind with feelings and thoughts of what you do want;; not what you don't want.
Whether you believe you can or you believe you can't - you're right. -- Henry Ford
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Re: My story, my life!



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