How many of you are crampers? Questions for you

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How many of you are crampers? Questions for you

Postby Scaredlin on February 27th, 2014, 5:44 pm

Hi, just wondering a few things
1. How many of you have cramps as well? Oddly I don't really twitch in my toes or forearms too much but seem to have a lot of foot pain/arch pain and some big toe cramps and painful forearms. Nothing that contorts area or moves it, but just muscle pain, stiffness, crampy feelings.

2. Do PALS have cramps specifically in the muscle that presents with weakness or all over?

3. Why do PALS cramp? Is it nerve damage?

4. If you have a clean EMG two weeks earlier in the area that is cramping (and in fact had worse cramps in that area prior to the EMG) is that a sign that you are not cramping from ALS related nerve damage?

5. What is difference between spasm and cramp? Mine just feels like its gonna cramp but doesn't. In my forearms I feel a tugging/pulling of the muscle sensation. I dont twitch and cramp in the same place at the same time.

6. Does having pain/spasms/cramps exclude us from all the good stuff Little Lost posted the other day? Or is cramping/pain/spasms all part of BFS?

7. Also, for those of you who cramp besides blood work for thyroid and electrolytes, what else did you do? At what point did you just accept this diagnosis? Do any of you think yours could be purely anxiety based?

Im still caught up in the too early EMG even though I myself posted what the neuro told me (that even if too early for EMG you would not have a clean clinical). I really dont like the cramping feeling, it worries me! I feel like purely twitching I could handle.
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Re: How many of you are crampers? Questions for you

Postby RobJ on February 27th, 2014, 8:41 pm

Worry when you have cramping and weakness or twitching and weakness or cramping, twitching and weakness.

If you just cramp, well join the crowd....I cramp, doctors don't know the difference between cramp and spasm, has never been explained you feel like you are going to cramp...doc says that's a spasm....then there is the doc that thinks spasm is a twitch....then throw out the word spasticity and it gets real confusing...what about twitch well does your entire limb twitch...huh? well sometimes...well that's more serious....

Don't sweat it unless you have weakness, something you could do 2-3 months ago, that you can no longer do...progressively getting worse.

It's like bringing in your car because it's making a noise...not broke but sounds it...What is it? Mechanic says all these things, then it costs you all this money, come to find out the muffler heat shield was loose...
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Re: How many of you are crampers? Questions for you

Postby Yuliasir on February 28th, 2014, 8:44 am

I definitely see connection between my anxiety and cramps. worse cramp session I ever had was when I got to vacations to the very end of Europe, Porto, sofar from home.
holy crap, I could not sleep, I had so heavy cramp in my neck muscle that I thought i had my collar bone broken (firtunatly not).

Before that I had several month of quite strong cramps in my lower rib muscles. can not wash the floor without need to lay down and wait for relax. it was few years before BFS (I think 7 or so)
I am used to have calves cramps in the night (and since BFS on daytime also). I cramp when I am putting my shoes on. I can have hand cramps when my fingers are cols or tired.

none of them usually really demamges me. Unpleasant yes. But for me it looks like they come from mini vessels spasms caused by anxiety or cold. Ishemic musce tends to cramp (do not knjow why but it happens when you step in the cold water - rapid spazm of vessels - ishemia- cramp). Therefore they seem to be a hello from autonomous system.

I use Magne B6 high dosage courses, and in the summertime I try to drink more water.
Usually it helps.
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Re: How many of you are crampers? Questions for you



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