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2 year anniversary

PostPosted: February 21st, 2014, 11:56 am
by twitchsenc
Well I just realize that I had my two year anniversary of when my twitching began to worry me. It has probably been going on much longer, I just don't remember. What I do remember is that my buttocks muscle and my bicep were twitching very frequently in February of 2012 so I googled muscle twitching and I have been living in fear ever since. I have had numerous doctors appointments with gp's and neurologists and they all seem to think its nothing. I have never had the EMG. My bicep and buttocks is where my twitching started and then it jumped to basically every muscle in my body. The only place that I haven't experienced the twitching is my tongue. I have periods where my twitching stops for a week or two and then it flares back up where I have very frequent twitching. Right now I am having very frequent twitching. Now it seems like now about 75% of my twitching occurs in my legs, mostly my calves. I do still worry, sometimes more that others and I hope that my worrying will stop soon. I do not visit this forum frequently but I do find it reassuring when I am experiencing extreme worry.