Needing some support...

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Needing some support...

Postby Tiber2011 on February 9th, 2014, 11:31 pm

Trying not to feel in a rut and sorry for myself lately, but here goes.

I have had really good days where twitching doesn't bother me and I feel confident that 2 EMGs and 4 neuros told me I don't have ALS or MS.

I have also had some bad days where I flop back and forth between ALS or MS causing my issues.

Lately, the "weak feelings" returned to my left thighs, in addition to sticky pain in my hamstrings behind the knee again.

My upper arms now seem to have clonus-style "jerking" feeling over the twitching they used to have.

I feel random buzzing in fingers, feet and legs.

I can say I've had a twitch in every part of my body. If I stretch or rest my back in an awkward way, the muscle that is affect with twitch until its relaxed.

I don't use my CPAP much (I'm 28), but now I'm so scared I may have ALS because I read respiratory problems can occur first.

I was doing good; my psych even said so. But I now feel like maybe the doctors were wrong :(
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Re: Needing some support...

Postby Red Raider on April 6th, 2014, 10:58 pm

Hey it's been awhile since you need some support but I'm in the same boat as you. I started having symptoms in January and since the I've seen three Neuros one being a ALS specialist and had 2 EMGs done and both were negative. I also see pyshc because I still feel weak just like today my right ankle feels so weak I feel like I can't walk foot has no feeling but I'm still walking and doing strenght test haha same for my leg all on right side it has me in freak out mode. We need to trust our doctors and everybody who I have talkin to said clean emg is good man. Your not alone I'm in the same boat as you please feel free to hit me back I'm new and I could use some reassurance as well I'm still freaking out I need to trust my docs good luck to ya. I also use a Cpap I'm 32
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Re: Needing some support...



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