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Questions about symptoms

PostPosted: January 27th, 2014, 11:00 pm
by miko
Reading the forum, everything and anything seems to be possible with BFS. I swear, even though I know many of the symptoms I experience are the same, I question them. As many here, I am always fearful of ALS, or something that is going to do me in each time they show up. I have had twitches, legs, arms, hands, and back primarily. Not all the time. Usually shows up on right side and settles in on left. Legs seem to be shallow twitches, almost like crawling and focus in my calf. Feels like they are bubbling. Almost always go away if I move my leg or even touch them. My hands are more persistent, especially the muscle next to my thumb, which will pull my fingers. My pinky feels numb and a little cold sometimes on my right hand. Feel like I produce too much saliva and it seems to taste funny, a little like metal, but not all the time. Sometimes when I wake up, my feet are stiff and I am a little uncoordinated because of it. This has been going on for over two years, but I swear each time it comes back, I can't help but think it is different. My question is if there is anything more reasonable people see different from BFS that I should point out to my doctor. When I do go to the doctor I feel that I just melt down and end up looking crazy and forget things or have them ignored. I posted a much calmer message for my first post, but have slid a little.

I had an EMG 2 years ago (all well), had MRI of head and neck (all well, except for 5 pinched nerves in neck), was told by neuro that what I had was benign, but did not say BFS. I am on Fluvoxamine for OCD (part of my problem). Just wanted to hear from those living with it.