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My Concerns

Postby SABFS on September 9th, 2013, 2:11 am

Hello my name is Shay and I'm a 33 old male from Israel (sorry for the mistypes) and this is my 1st post here. sorry for the long wall of text.

First of all I would like to thank all contributors of this forum as it's been my sanctum for the last year or so.

Here is my story:

March 2012 I had an eyelid twitch that wouldn’t go away (for a month or so) I didn’t pay much notice to it and continued with my daily routine.

June 2012 after a couple of flu like episodes (from March till May in the last one I was treated with antibiotics) I started to feel weird sensations of migrating muscle and joint pain in both my arms from my elbow down to my fingers and pain in my right ankle. After 2 months of trying to ignore the pain I broke down and went to see my GP he ordered a full blood work (all tests came out OK), and referred me to Rheumatology specialist.

August 2012 I went to see the Rheumatology specialist; he did a clinical exam and said "everything is Ok, but just to be on the safe side lets do an EMG and NCV tests for your arms" ( as the pain was mainly there).

September 2012 I did the EMG test and NCV everything was ok besides very mild bilateral CTS (Carpel tunnel syndrome) which explained the weird pain sensations in my arms but not my leg pain which got worse.

Later on that month the pain and stiffens was in both my legs (mainly in my calves) and it was very painful and it came with fasciculations. I saw my GP again and he referred me to a neurologist.

The very next day I was at the neurologist office (after my first panic attack when I googled muscle twitches…etc well you know the rest). The neurologist did a clinical exam which was OK besides from some poor reflexes in my arms, he referred me to do some extra blood works, EMG of the legs and Cerebral MRI

About that time the fasc's was everywhere (arms, legs, eyelids, face, back etc) , there were a lot of muscle pain and rarely tremor though there wasn’t any weakness.
The blood works came out ok so was the MRI but in the EMG they found widespread Fibrillations, Fasc and active denervation he diagnosed me with Radiculopathy. after the EMG test I was a mess as I was sure I was doomed. After the EMG test I rushed to my neurologist he did a 2nd clinical exam and he said I don’t have any neurological problem and he ruled out the EMG test (later on I found out he knew the MD who performed the EMG test and that’s why he rolled out the test as he is the Chief on neurology at the local hospital, probably didn’t think highly of him). He said that I'm healthy but just for my sake of mind he's sending me to see neuromuscular neurologist head of a major @ls clinic to do another clinical exam and a 3rd EMG test.

November 2012 I went to see the neuromuscular neurologist (until that time the he did a clinical exam which came out Ok, EMG was normal besides Fasc and in the NCV he found CTS. He as well ruled out the 2nd EMG and ruled out any neuromuscular disorders.
I asked him about the fasciculations he said they are a benign and a lot of people have muscle twitches with muscle ached. he told me to start taking magnesium supplements.

After that I learned to live with my BFS even though I kept thinking from time to time I have some sort of neurological illness (PD, Bulbar ….).

Nowadays I have a new starling new symptom, in the last two months I wake up every morning with my right eyelid half closed and my blinking in that eye is much slower than the other this occur for a few min after I wake up and passes by the time I wash my face. Also my eye is irritated during day. With this new symptom I started to feel upper back pain (mainly in my neck). I told my GP of my new symptom and he send me to do blood test for MG which came out Ok and referred me to an eye doctor which found out I have dry eye.

By the way since it started I noticed that I didn't twitch in my right eyelid (the problematic one) only in my left also I have weird sensation in that.

I went to see my neurologist again he did another clinical exam which was ok.

But I'm still relay concerned about these new symptoms, have any of you had the same thing?

Thank you for your time,
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My Concerns



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