2nd neuro in week plus emg, plus encouragement

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2nd neuro in week plus emg, plus encouragement

Postby Stdawg on June 28th, 2013, 1:44 pm

Well my first and young neuro said bfs. No need for emg.

My second trip this week was a guy who started in 1986, work at emory university and really knows his stuff. He has Als patients he knows what it is. He did a clinically, emg, and some other surface test with electic shocks.

All clear! He stuck me about 4 to 5 times per leg (24/7 twitching), 2 in back, and then butt. After the back he said no more need for any more, we were good. He said there was no evidence of mnd.

I asked. I have only twitches for a week, could we have gone to early, he said if als was causing twitching it would show up during with it then. Twitching is a symptom not a cause.

He says 90% of twitches are benign. 8% are issues like pinched nerves, etc, and only 2% were the nasties.

He then had me hop up and down on one leg, he said my muscle was enough to support 200 lbs. I was good. He spent almost 2 hours with me. He also said his reading the emg was subjective, but the computer was objective so readings should be very good between the two. Only need follow up if I want to come in.

He said good clinical and good emg equals no als.

I hope this message helps others to feel better about their diagnosis. He also said stay off the Internet, which I have allowed to consume me. I will stay with this board but I am going to make a true effort to stop looking things up. In the pat I didn't and u didn't stress like this before and after
Dr visits. I pray everyday. Today I will give the thanks to God I should give each and every day. God bless you and I hope you feel better with this info, I do

Ps-thanks to all for support!
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2nd neuro in week plus emg, plus encouragement



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