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And old timer says hi....I am still here!

PostPosted: January 28th, 2013, 12:26 am
by aussie sufferer
Hi all, I am an old timer from this board may be....1.5-2 years ago. This board and its members supported me heaps in the begining dealing with this thing called BFS....and I thank them for that. Anyway I just popped in to say I am still alive and well after 3 years of BFS. Yes I do twitch as much as ever- mostly calves but no place is out of bounds. But the difference between now and 3 years ago is how I approach it now....
1. I have accepted it is part of me, that I will have forever. Some days I will twitch more some less
2. I dont worry about it fact I have gotten so used to the twitching I mostly ignore them, The facial ones are at the most...annoying. But like all the twitching they move on eventually. I do have this sensitive throat thing. (constant tickle) Not sure if it is BFS or not. But I have learnt to deal with that.
3. I try ( and that does not always work) and reduce those things that I know amp it up. In my case stress/anxiety/anger and tiredness. Plenty of sleep helps and if I get stressed.. well I just have to resign my self to the fact that my twitching will amp up accordingly. I am still on 10 mg of lexapro for anxiety..and have been close to raising that to 20mg. I am a naturally anxious person and a worrier ( GAD?)..and if anything that has been the hardest thing to deal with. And I know that affects my BFS symptoms. I also have IBS and high BP as a result of my anxiety.

Overall I can tell you, over time, and yes it does take time. You will learn to adjust and accept that this BFS thing, while an annoyance, is nothing more than that..and annoyance...and it certianly is not going to kill you!
cheers all and good luck!