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What's my problem???

PostPosted: November 21st, 2012, 3:42 pm
by jerseygirl
Here I am again. . .each time I think I have beaten this, it knocks me down over and over again. Just visited the dr. that did my emg on Monday, left feeling great, feeling like that was it, I beat this and sure I will never think about it again and BOOM, leg cramps, perceiving that I am having difficulty swallowing. Trying to prepare for a crowd on Thanksgiving, but frozen in fear AGAIN. In self-analyzing how I can be so stupid to be here three days later, my irrational logic (oxymoron) is that for almost a year, I had internal tremors with a very occasional visible twitch in random spots. Had an EMG in June and it was clear. However, the last three-four weeks, I have had what most people have had on this website. Ridiculously visible twitches and cramping in shins, thighs. My mind is saying that I had the EMG in June but now I actually have what everyone else fears but not until recently so is the EMG still valid and on top of that I just had a clinical two days ago. I called the dr.'s office looking for reassurance and said "these doctors can spot this right away in a clinical, right?" and she said "most of the time". Then she offered that I had my EMG and it was fine but then when we were getting off the phone, she said "I don't think you should worry, you SHOULD be fine". Before anyone gets angry, I am very aware that I have extreme anxiety over this and no one is more disappointed than I but wondering how others stopped the setbacks. I just started Paxil a week ago and being the anti medicine person that I am, am welcoming the mind relief but unfortunately, it takes 4-6 weeks to kick in.