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Re: Tongue Twitching

Postby Noturnus on May 27th, 2017, 11:57 am

TwitchyDoc wrote:bfshopeful, well its quite common misunderstanding - if fasciculation is not recorded on EMG, it only means the needle tip was too far from the electric signal. It does not change the fact you have fasciculations if they can be seen or felt. Today echo (ultrasound) is used to detect fasciculations as it covers deeped and wider area.
It really does not matter, tongue fasciculations are not of greater concern unless you have other signs.

For 3 days I am having NON STOP continuous twitch on my tongue.

The twitch persists and is ritimic and have the same speed when my tongue is at rest or not.

Went to a EMG specialist who POKED THE NEEDLE OVER THE TWITCH.
She said there wetre no fasciculation pontentials there...

I doubted and asked her to poke AGAIN ABOVE the twitch.
She said the same again... No fasculations potentials here.

I asked if she was seeing the twitches and she said it was very obvious and there was no way she could not see them.
On exactiy the same place.. a ritimic twitch with NO FASCICULATION POTENTIALS detected by a EMG NEEDLE inserted OVER, ABOVE the twitching area.

I asked her how it is possible for a muscle to move that way without electrical stimulus of any kind.
She said I was having contractures of my tongue and that would pass.
Precribed rivotril hopping it would calm me down.

She said it is VERY EASY to see fasciculations when they are dettected by the needle... The waveform is very specific.
She wrote on the report that was eletric silent at rest with full interference pattern and normal mottor units...
And my tongue is strilll non strop twitch (4 days already)

It is on a single small area near the tip of my tongue that simple cant stop...
The rest of my tongue is still on rest and still even when my trongue is produted.

No weakness, no atrophy, normal voice and no difficult ingesting any kind of food.

I am Terrified and I think I will continue this way until this flickering stops

9 years almost with these fasciculations and never a twitch made me so terrified.
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