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Ode to a flare up

PostPosted: July 12th, 2011, 10:05 pm
by twitchinstinks
I have noticed when I get steroid shots I don't twitch for a few weeks. Today it's in both feet and up and down my left leg. I am also having a new sharp burning pain in the foot. I have now been twitching for 15 months. I was told Sunday that my 3rd cousin has ***. UGGG. So anxiety looms. How many people know 3 people with this horrible disease. As soon as they told me they said had no twitching. My mom and dad had actually been keeping this from me due to my recent fixation with the nasty neuro. He said his foot started to drag and get weak. He has had it for year and its just in his leg still. So that is good. My dad asked him about twitching and he hasn't really noticed. My neighbor didn't either. The other person noticed violent twitching and within a few weeks he had profound weakness. I think all of us on here want a more specific diagnosis. Yes its BFS but we see BFS as a symptom not the problem of what is taken place. We would like for a doctor to say you have ___________insert name which causes BFS symptoms and would be even better if we new the causes and the triggers.