I'm trying to accept and go on now after one year.

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I'm trying to accept and go on now after one year.

Postby Diann on April 26th, 2004, 8:21 pm

Hi, I have been twitching and buzzing for almost one year(end of May 2003). I have come to this site but hesitated to really join in because I thought I really thought the doctors were going to find I had something worse like ALS or MS. My MRI I had done in July showed one spot. I had a repeat MRI in December. It showed the spot had not changed and I have no new ones. My neurologist said he didn't think I have MS. I've had two normal EMG'S. One last August and one in January this year both normal. (Picked up one fasciculation in normal range.)I have been to two well known neuologist here in Houston. One who specialises in MS and one who is a motor neuon disease specialist.

Today I went back to the neuologist that did my first EMG. I asked him outright if I could have ALS. He looked me in the eye and said after two normal EMG's I don't have ALS. He also said that he didn't see that I had symptoms of MS but I am going to have another MRI. He doesn't think I need to but said I could if it would reassure me.

The neurologists had told me to ignore the twitching. I tried but by January the buzzing was so bad I was in a deep depression, lost weight even, I went to my psychiatrist and told him what I was dealing with and he prescribed Klonopin .25 mg and 300 mg Neurontin three times a day. I take Ambien to sleep. I'm also on 90 mgs Remeron for depression. The medication helps some but I don't like how it slows my thinking.
My other symptoms are heat and aching sensations in my calfs(same place on both legs) and left foot. My right ankle and knee hurt if I do much walking. I feel like foot comes down differently than it used to . This really seemed to happed all at once. I have muscle pain in my back, especially my right shoulder blade. I can hardy do anything without tightening it up. My arches started hurting after the fasciculations started. I have orthotics now. I know I have pronated feet but I didn't have problems with pain in them before fasciculations started. I have gone to physical therapy for feet and back. I don't really see that it has helped. I also have been having menstral irregular bleeding .I had a D and C in February. Didn't solve problem, g :cry: and will probably have a hysterectomy in June.

It seems like everything is going wrong at once. I am 37, I thought that happened at forty.

When my twitching started I was under alot of prolonged stress for about one year.My mother had a sudden mental and physical decline two months earlier and I was taking care of her in my home. I was also getting chiropractic treatments three times and week for the past month. I also was getting crowns preped and a root canal. I've tried to figure out what happened to me but I can't. I've thought maybe it was what the chiropractor did, or maybe it was mercury from the fillings being drilled in my crown prep. Maybe even my laptop computer.

I guess I just have to accept I may never know and live the best I can. I'm glad for this sight it helps me feel not so alone in my illness. I know it's not terminal, but adjusting is hard.

Thank you for listening.
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Saw your post and can relate

Postby Bradford on April 26th, 2004, 8:52 pm

I'm 44 and everything seemed to hit me at once aftter an ER vistit in December. I thought I was having a heart attack which turned out to be a GI reflux induced esphogeal spasm. The doctor said this mimics heart attack symptoms exactly, but while the symptoms are similar to a heart attack, the signs of an actual heart attack were not present such EKG, findings, elevated CK enzymes, changes in pulse and blood pressure.

The doctor sent me home and told me that I was going to be just fine.
Two days later I started twtiching and it hasn't stopped. My first and only EMG was "clean" and showed no neuropathy. Even though I twtich which is a symptom, I don't present with the actual signs.

I guess I have learned the difference between signs and symptoms from my experience in the ER. For what its worth...

Get well!
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Hi Diann

Postby KimE on April 27th, 2004, 12:25 pm

I can relate. My sx started just over two months ago. Prior to this I don't think I have ever had anything wrong with me worse than a flu or a UTI.

I think I have some form of neurapathy. I, too, have clean mri, nerve tests and EMG.

I am a 34 year old female and just can't even begin to imagine why this would happen to someone my age who was in seemingly good health.

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Hi Diann



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