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Going Back to the Nuero

PostPosted: February 5th, 2011, 2:45 pm
by steve67
Well i have had this s''''t for a year now and i'm still twitching and having different types of pain.I went to see my family doctor and he has referred me back to the Neurologist. have also had periods when i stop breathing in my sleep so enough is enough and its time for someone to tell me what the hell is going on.I have familial @@@ in my family and was worried that i was getting lots of pain in my feet so went to see a chiropodist who i saw 10 months ago as i believed my feet were wasting.Having looked at them she told me she had seen several people with @@@ and that there feet looked nothing like mine and that if i had the disease i would not be walking after 10 months.Do you think i was reassured by this??OF COURSE NOT because i am on this merry go round.
My appointment is on the 7th march so by then i wont have seen the Neuro for 11 months so we will see if he can see any difference/It will also have been 9 months since i have had an EMG/NCV so maybe he will order another one to see if there is any change from the previous one.
People have told me the not knowing is worse than knowing,well all i can say to that is Bull'''''t.This isnt some runny nose or sore throat we are talking about that gets better after a week or so.
I didn't find out that i had this running in my family until my mother got it and then the bombshell drops about the others who have had it.
The letter from my Neuro to my family doctor said he was pleased to inform him that there was no sign of @@@ but he understood of the continued concern i had due to my family history.As far as i know know-one else on here is in the same boat for which i am truly greatfull for.
Sorry for the rant but its been a bad couple of weeks and needed to get it of my chest.
Anyway,look on the bright side i have booked a family cruise in the summer(first one ever)as i needed cheering up although i might think different when i have to pay for it.