Another word of encouragement - and thanks!

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Another word of encouragement - and thanks!

Postby metoo on January 25th, 2011, 6:39 am

My first (and last) post was in the first half of 2008. So was my last visit to this great site that has been of so much help for me.

It's now over 5 years since the onset of my symptoms in 2005. I'm doing fine. I've picked up mild exercising, gained a lot of muscles (!) and thought I had gotten used to it all - until a bout of sensory symptoms started bothering me, to a great extent, over the last couple of weeks and made my worries return.

So today, I decided to return to this site and started reading a few of the many excellent posts on this subject. As I write, a sense of relief is already replacing the complicated and threatening thoughts that were already accumulating in my mind (which happens to be the mind of a doctor).

It makes it possible for me to become loyal again to the words a friend and colleague of mine taught me one day: "observe, don't judge". Try it, it will make you feel better right away.

The moral of this story: fellow sufferers, remain confident. And in case your confidence is being overruled by symptoms: don't forget to return here, read and then... relax.

Thanks to you all!!!
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Another word of encouragement - and thanks!



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