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Sitting here with Fasics and we both celebrating a clean EMG

PostPosted: January 12th, 2011, 4:07 am
by Pete Borota

Well what can you say. I've posted a few times to hopefully let people see that someone who has had Fasics off and on over the last 14 months can have clean EMG's.

Sitting here now twitching and we're both celebrating (me and my fasics). I went to see my Neuro on Monday and as I posted earlier he told me you don't have *** but lets get all the tests done and give you some closure on this. Well incredibly I was able to have a full brain and Spine MRI tuesday morning and the EMG last night (someone cancelled their appointment).

Talking to the guy who did the EMG, he told me he wasn't looking for twitching for him that's irrelevant, he said that so many people are panicked that the EMG will not catch the twitch but it's irrelevant. The EMG is there to detect muscle abnormalities and if you have them it doesn't mean you have *** either. But essentially you can be clean and still twitch like a *beep*!!

So I'm meeting up with my Neuro next week, the consultant who did my EMG said it probably lies in your bad back. But he did say relax these twitches are 100% benign.

p.s. How the hell do some of you guys go for 2 or 3 of these.... Yuk!!! :D :D