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Another one joins the ranks

Postby Heater on April 7th, 2004, 8:32 pm

Hi all,

I'd like to introduce myself. I'm a 36 year old male, living in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. I've been dropping in to read posts occasionally, over the last few months, which has helped me greatly in keeping my spirits up since this all started last December. Finally, last week after a follow up visit with the Neurologist, I was given the diagnosis of benign fasciculations.

It all started with a weird twitch just under my nose, along with some eyelid twitches. I've occasionally had the eyelid twitches when under stress, but the nose twitch was unsettling. Things really picked up a week later, when I strained a back muscle while redoing some plumbing under the kitchen sink. Muscles started twitching constantly in that area, and quite intensely and then spread throughout my back. By then I had started the internet search thing and of course my anxiety levels were skyrocketing. The twitching then moved to my legs and now their pretty much everywhere. I might get a break without a twitch for 10 seconds, tops. They don't even bother me too much anymore, I've grown accustomed to them I guess.

Some of the other symptoms I get, many I've seen reported here are:

- vibrating sensations - particularly in my legs and mouth/jaw area,
- muscle pain, most common in my calves, but often my hands, feet and shins ache.
- muscle strain - I've strained muscles a couple of times doing work on the house, and it takes 2 to 3 weeks for the pain to abate.
- muscles seem to fatigue easier, although I don't seem to be having problems doing exercise. We'll see how the running goes now that spring is here. Sometimes going up and down stairs seems a chore.
- occasional joint pain in my wrists, knees and feet (usually just for a few seconds)
- perceived weakness. This comes and goes, but is usually felt in my lower legs and hands.
- some cramps, but I more often experience muscle tightening. This has happened in my jaw and cheeks often.

The perceived weakness started over two months ago and is what really got me worried. But after two months and no real worsening I'm starting to learn to ignore that too. It's funny, right now my hands feel fine, but this morning it felt that I would have difficulty attempting any task (which I didn't).

Anyway, I'm grateful that this board exists, it has been a big help. I'm hanging on to my BFS diagnosis and looking forward to enjoying a great summer with my family (I have a wonderful wife and two adorable little boys, age 2 and 5).

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Be happy

Postby barbo36 on April 8th, 2004, 6:58 am

It is strange alot of your symptoms fit mine. It makes me happy you have been diagnosed with bfs as I have not had emg yet. I know it pretty much sucks to have bfs but it is sooooooooo much better than what it could be. Have fun with family this summer, Barb
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Be happy



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