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Anybody been here?

PostPosted: April 7th, 2004, 4:02 pm
by KimE
Losing it. Can't stop obsessing about *you know what*. I felt better for about two days after I found this site but now I am back to this dark place...

I am lifting things all day long to monitor my strength. Balancing. Toewalking. Heelwalking. Doing the whole Ka ba ta la thing. Monitoring my twitches, convinced they aren't as severe as others on this board therefore they must be indicative of *you know what*.

Nothing convinces me. I keep thinking there must be some early phase of *you know what* that people don't talk about.

Yes, I do have an appointment with a shrinkerMD but it is not until the 22nd. I may be ready to be comitted by then.

This all started around February 20th for me. And yes, I did have a strange viral illness with especially severe muscle aches, that ended and I immeditately got a (more info than you need, sorry) yeast infection which was topped off with a urinary tract infection that I treated with a ten day course of antibiotics. (that I bought in Mexico no less--back in my days where I felt indestructable)

Also, odd is that I also had a flu shot in October followed by a measles shot in late December. Even if I don't have one of the big, bad ones I am convinced I have done irrepairable harm to myself.
I had an emg nine or ten days ago that was ,apparently, ok. As a 34 year old female with a clean EMG but unexplainable, moderate twitching, painful feet that tingle now and again, quads that burn for no apparent reason, ankles that sometimes burn, joints that crack like crazy but seem to have calmed down after I stopped lifting weights and an arm that feels weak and burns after any prolonged use insane to still be worrying about *you know what*?????

PostPosted: April 7th, 2004, 4:48 pm
by garym
I've experienced everything you listed except the yeast infection. Hang in there.



PostPosted: April 7th, 2004, 5:13 pm
by RexM
I second what Gary said. I've had it all [and continue to have it all] except for the yeast infection. I realize that it is disconcerting, but please try to relax and stop thinking about something which you almost certainly don't have.
And, thanks for the comment on painful feet. It's another confirmation to me that this is a fairly common symptom of BFS. You're the 20th person to confirm this symptom since I first started posting on it.

Me too

PostPosted: April 7th, 2004, 5:20 pm
by barbo36
Kim, Like the others I have all that stuff. I find it interesting about the bladder yeast thing because at the beginning I also had that experience. I too am scared but you had a clean emg that is a wonderful thing! You are feeling awful but you do not have you know what


PostPosted: April 7th, 2004, 6:10 pm
by KimE
did all this stuff start with you?

I also get some weird neuro things. I have had few instances when I am outside in the heat I feel something that feels almost like water spalshing on a leg or an arm. Or sometimes the sun will feel intensely hot on a certain area, say the top of my head. Which I always just chalked up to living here in the intense heat of Phoenix. Now, I am not so sure. These little things predate the viral illness, antibiotic, immunizations of this winter though.

I just wish I could take my mind off of it for even five minutes. I mean, I am still going and doing the things I normally do but the whole time I am thinking about this, or looking at someones hands to see if the muscle tone looks the same as mine, saying things like my feet hurt to see if I get any kind of response like "yeah, my feet hurt all the time"....

I don't go back to the neuro until the 26th and I have my MRI Friday.

oh brother, I am a basket case. Off to take my kids to the park...

basket case

PostPosted: April 7th, 2004, 8:31 pm
by barbo36
Kim, I knoe exactky how you feel I feel heat so much more intensly I can even fel heat from light bulbs now. I have gotten chills in the wierdest spots I get little electric shock things on fingers and toes and pins and needles anywhere also the burning spots tingling ect... My thing now is the twitching I get all types and the pains and oh yeah the joints cracking. I also say things to people in hopes to get sresponce that would reasure me. I have had mri cat scan x-rays ultrasounds and many blood tests I just need emg I really pray I get this. When this all started I had a bad headache for about 2 months and basically I lost it for 6 months I am better now emotionally but it is stialways on my mind. I cant stop thinking about it either I have got this fear af the worst and that would lead to me leaving my kids wich scares the hell out of me. THis site does help knowing there are people with benign conditions with the same symptoms is very calming but to me the ultimate would be a clean emg. Take it easy you dont have you know what and that alone is cause for celebration