26 months...

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26 months...

Postby jcrissman on March 6th, 2010, 4:36 pm

It's been about 26 months now since I started twitching. If you're interested, here is a link about my neurologist appointment that I had about 24 months ago:


I have been feeling pretty bad lately, and very anxious - mostly about health anxiety. I'm 37 and since I was 10 I think I've thought I had about every disease there is. When I'm doing well (which is most of the time) I deal with it by ignoring it. When I'm doing bad (which is now) I generally journal about my symptoms so I can go back and read them later and how they didn't kill me back then.

About 7 months ago I started having some kind of inflamation/light swelling/stiffness in my upper lip. I held off about 3 months and then finally went to my GP. It completely stumped her. She said she could tell that my upper lip was stiffer than my bottom lip but she really didn't know what it was. Referred me to an oral surgeon. Stumped him. He offered to do a biopsy which I declined because he really gave me the impression it wasn't necessary. Saw him for a follow up, still stumped with still the offering of a biopsy. Still declined. I then had the idea that I have a history of eczema on my face, but never on my lip before and I haven't had anything for quite some time so I saw a dermatologist. Stumped her. Offered to do a biopsy but I declined because she too gave the impression it wasn't necessary. So I still have it - it comes and goes, gets better and worse, seemingly no rhyme or reason. Perceive that it interferes with my speech, sometimes worse than other times. Best guess is that it's some kind of dermatitis/eczema that comes and goes. I have a history of mild psoriasis (red/scaly skin, pitted thumbnails) but it's mostly been about 95% gone lately.

About 5 months ago, started having carpal tunnel type pain in both hands again. I haven't had that for about 5 years. Started having difficulty using a mouse properly with my right hand - very hard to use it accurately. Gets a little better and worse. Haven't seen a doctor about it.

About 4 months ago, my right ankle (where this all began 26 months ago) started acting up again. Feeling stiff, perceived weakness (no clinical weakness - no problem walking on toes, walking on heels, even hopping in the air on my tip toes on one foot 20 times), and twitching in both ankles but very bad in my right ankle. I'm sure my testing it and straining the muscle really helps bring those twitches out.

A couple days ago, started having really weird feeling in my right leg. Kind of like a cold/tingly/weak feeling. Perhaps not coincidentally, I banged my knee on a gate pretty bad around the same time.

My anxiety is trying to convince me I have MS. I hope I don't obviously, but I know there are far worse things than MS.

I still feel very anxious in general and on top of everything else have been having symptoms that go along with that - mild heartburn, lump in throat, frequent clearing of throat and other symptoms of LPR.

Oh - and I was reading this site late last night about someone having tongue twitching and after never having felt any tongue symptoms whatsoever, I now find myself explicitly pausing and thinking, "Was that a twitch in my tongue?" It delayed my getting to sleep about an hour last night and have thought about it several times today. I throw that in just to further show what state I'm in.

Anyway, just wanted to continue my saga here - maybe it will help someone else that doesn't have a 26 month history of all these weird feelings and living to tell the tale.
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26 months...



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