Weak neck anybody?

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Weak neck anybody?

Postby 2spidey20088 on March 9th, 2004, 5:08 pm

At this point, I’ve stopped to figure out what’s going on with me…I’m not a doctor and I’ve seem plenty of them. Still waiting for my neuro appointment. My fasciculations have decreased over the past weeks…but my fatigue seems to have increased, notably my neck. At times, I feel like my neck will not support my head and need to rest it against the wall. Yesterday, I had pins and needle sensations on my right foot for almost the entire afternoon and night. I also felt pain. They went away the next day.

If you have any similar experiences, please share.
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Postby uber on March 9th, 2004, 6:25 pm

When you say neck fatigue what do you mean exactly?? what is happening to you for you to say to yourself "this is neck fatigue".

Your neck can get very tired at times as its a focal point for tension which practically goes hand in hand with people who have anxiety problems.
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Postby garym on March 9th, 2004, 8:13 pm

have you taken any antibiotics in the past month or so?

Just curious,
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Postby Florian on March 10th, 2004, 2:45 pm

What i can say is that for some weeks, i had a realy bad time with great anxiety. It was the same as you describe, had the feeling that i cant hold my head up.

It is gone away and i feel normal now in neck area.

Try to relax. I hope that helps.

take care

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