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Newbie twitcher!

Postby Swift-AU on October 16th, 2002, 4:05 am

Well, perhaps not a newbie twitcher, just a newbie to the forum!

I've been experiencing twitches for probably 4 or 5 years now. In the beginning they would probably last a day or two at most, and perhaps only occur every few months or so. More recently, they seems to spring up at least once in a two month period, and last for weeks at times. I guess at first I was a little worried that it could be something serious, but never went to see anyone about it (haven't been to a GP in over 12 years - I'm currently 22), because I'm not one that likes to hear bad news! Anyway, after I had experienced the twitches on and off for a year or so, I figured that it would've gotten worse if it was something serious, so didn't really worry too much about them. Having said that, I must say it is reassuring to find that I'm not the only one with this 'condition', and to be able to put a name to it at last! As for where the twitching occurs, I find the most frequent place is the bridge of my nose, an eyelid, the buttocks, or an arm or leg. The twitches any place but my face are not an issue, because nobody would ever notice. However it does get embarrasing when you are dealing with clients all day, and your *beep* nose or eyelid won't stop twitching! The worst part is they probaby wouldn't notice if I didn't keep drawing attention to it by rubbing my eye etc :) But hey, I consider myself lucky. There are so many terrible diseases and illnesses that inflict so many people, and are life threatening. I figure it's wrong of me to complain about something so minor as a twitch.

But anyway. Just thought I'd drop in to say g'day and share a little of my story. Us twitchers have gotta stick together ;)

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Postby Twitchy Georgy on October 16th, 2002, 8:30 am

Welcome to the forum! Like you, I deal with these twitches on a regular basis and since I joined this a month ago, I have managed to reduce my anxiety by leaps and bounds.... True there are many scary, neurological-type things out there and if you spend enough time researching them all, you'll end up convincing yourself there is something wrong with you... My advice is: take any necessary tests that you think will ease your mind (i.e. EMG's, MRI's) and to take comfort in the fact that twitching without weakness is not ALS and chances are, nothing at all to worry about....

On a side note, I went to get an EMG from my neurologist yesterday and he mentioned that 55-65% of all people twitch on a regular basis caused by BFS...
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